Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! {04.13.2011}


I'm Loving that this past week I have started to go through and organize our stuff to be packed. I also love getting rid of things as well. We are moving mid-May, so I want to get a jump start on everything while I'm not TOO big and feeling relatively good.

I'm Loving that Wayne got a text message from Lisa (house owner) and the painting is done, the fence is fixed and the new carpet is going in next Wednesday! Makes me so excited!

I'm Loving that I have the house to myself this week and weekend. Grams is on vacation in AZ and Wayne is working nights. Hoping to get a lot of organizing and packing done.

I'm Loving these for breakfast lately.

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I'm Loving the show Tough Enough on USA (WWE). 


I know wrestling is corny and I DON'T CARE. I don't think it's any more corny than any of the Housewives shows ( I don't watch those and have no interest in them). I started watching wrestling in high school with my group of friends. We would get together on Sunday night's at my friend Pat's house and watch the payperviews when there was one. It was always a great time. There were a few years where I lost touch with it for various reasons, but then when I started dating Wayne about 8 years ago and he was into it, he has slowly gotten me somewhat hooked again. I don't watch every RAW, SMACKDOWN or paperview, but Wayne keeps me in the loop on the drama and so every once in awhile I will sit down and watch it with him. I like to think of it as a soap opera for men. LOL.

My all-time favorite wrestler is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he just happens to be the host of Tough Enough. He is so brutally honest on the show, tells the contestants like it is and is in their faces.


Here is a preview of the show.

I love it when he says, "Your hair-do is pissing me off.". 

I love that Wayne and I like to watch this together and it is one of "our" shows. Too often a person doesn't like what the other person is into, but that's just one of the MANY things I love about our relationship.

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