Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday {04.12.2011}


Today's topic:

Your Pet's favorite Toy

Well, we know that with at least Bella and Puckett it is a ball. They love other toys as well, but their number 1 is a ball. Doesn't matter, what kind.

Bella playing with one of my sisters.


Puckett napping with his tennis ball.


Since we have gotten Tony and Moo Moo and have been living with Grams we haven't had any toys or balls around that are small enough for them to play with for fear of Budz choking on one and he gets ahold of them and demolishes them himself anyways, so we just haven't bothered. I'm excited for the new house and yard so that we can have tennis balls back and other chew toys. They can get some good exercise. Thank goodness they don't like chewing on shoes or clothes or furniture for that matter.

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C Mae said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fur baby with me and others! -C Mae

Gabriella said...

They are so cute...I love pictures of sleeping puppies!

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