Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lil D's 2nd Trimester {Week 22}

Thursday, 3/3/2011
(22 weeks)

Me & Lil D this week:


I have been so scatter brained this past week with different things such as forgetting my phone at home or my nook for the bus. Really the list could go on and on. I saw this cartoon at the end of one of my babycenter emails that I thought was just too appropriate.

Baby's now the size of a papaya!
I have been feeling her kick now for about a week. It's a few different times of the day...usually at about 4:15 pm and 3:00 am and sometimes in the mornings after my OJ. It's crazy to think that she is in there sleeping, sucking on her thumb, yawning and moving about. I'm looking forward to feeling her kick more and more as the weeks go on.

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