Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a Girl! {2011}

It's a GIRL!

Hailey Jo
Photos taken: February 28, 2011
At: 21 weeks

Her spine


Her face


Another face shot


Her feet


Her profile


Her sucking her thumb


And my favorite...her yawning or as I like to think...laughing


On Monday we had our ultrasound. Baby was in a pike position and was hiding the goods for awhile. After a few minutes of Dr. E pushing the wand all over my jelly topped tummy, she moved enough to the point where the Dr could tell it was a girl, but couldn't quite get all the different measurements that she wanted to. So now we go back Friday, March 11th for another ultrasound to finish the check-up and hopefully confirm AGAIN (for sure) that she is in fact really a she.

Everything that Dr. E saw on Monday was right on schedule. She is weighing in at about a pound and all the different measurements were ranking her in the 50th percentile.So yay!

It's taken me these last few days for it to sink in and not call her an "it" anymore. I can call her a her or refer to her as she or call her by her name...Hailey Jo.

To see what our boy name was look HERE.

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Campbell Crew said...

yeah! I know I said it on facebook already but now I am getting caught up on your blog. YEAH!!

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