Friday, July 16, 2010

Bella Baby

Last week I had to take my Bella into the Dr's as she was acting "funny." She just wasn't her normal self and so we knew something was wrong. It's so funny that me as a dog owner knows when something is not right. It's just like being a parent. Dogs, much like kids, can't tell you what's wrong, you just have to pass on what you are witnessing and hope the Dr can take a look and figure it out.

This was Bella while we waited for the vet and Dr totally out of it sitting on my lap:


After filling in the vet tech and Dr on all that I knew, which included her having trouble pooing, not acting like herself and the fact that she hadn't eaten her food that afternoon, the Dr examined her and told me she was dehydrated and having a bowel issue. There is a more technical term to it, but to put it plainly that was what was wrong. She didn't want to eat her food, because her instinct told her not to because of her trouble pooing and in that effect she was dehydrated because of not eating/drinking.

They gave me pills to give her for a week and they gave her a shot of antibiotics which gave her a hump on the back of her neck. It was weird, but went down after a few hours as her body absorbed it that night. After a couple more instructions we were on our way home after 1 1/2 hours at the Dr.

This is her normally. Very spunky, curious and inquisitive:


After about a week and a half (and all her medicine) she is back to her lovable self. 
Love you my baby Bella! 


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