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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What's Up Wednesday [Five Thirty Eighteen]

What's Up Wednesday [Five Thirty Eighteen]
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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What we are eating this week month...



What I'm reminiscing about...

Date night

Country in the Park

Locash and Billy Currington
What I'm loving...

My Young Living Essential Oils

What we've been up to...

We have been trying to enjoy this view as much as possible....

What I'm dreading...

I'm not really dreading anything. I'm looking forward to the summer with the family!

What I'm working on...

This blog and getting caught up on pictures. I'm also getting more acquainted with Young Living.

What I'm excited about...

June hopefully brings a Stanely Cup to Vegas, more Aces games, family visiting from Minnesota, Hailey turning 7 (even though I'm not really excited about that) and another family trip to DISNEYLAND!!!

What I'm watching/reading...

What I'm listening to...

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What I'm wearing...

It's getting warmer and warmer in Vegas, so dresses, capris and tanks to work and shorts and tanks and swimsuits on the weekends.

What I'm doing this weekend...

Friday night is 95.5 The Bull's concert featuring Dylan Scott at Red Rocks Lounge. We have a lot of friends going, so I'm really looking forward to a night out.

Saturday is game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, so Wayne will be working the watch party.

Sunday is family day, which means we will most likely grill and have some pool time!!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

I hope the month of June brings a Stanley Cup to Vegas. I also want to explore more and more with my essential oils.

What else is new...Wayne started with the Las Vegas Aces over this past weekend. We are #AllIn

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Favorites [Five Twenty-Five Eighteen]

Friday Favorites [Five Twenty-Five Eighteen]
Friday, May 25, 2018
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Happy Friday friends. Oh what a busy time in the D House.  I plan on doing more of a life update next week, but just know that (1) the Las Vegas Aces WNBA team's first home game is this Sunday and Wayne is the "Fan Correspondent" for them so he will be doing all the home games just like he does the VGK games (2) the Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup which starts on Monday and runs for the next 3 weeks, and (3) our not so little girl, Hailey finished her last day of 1st grade yesterday, which officially makes her a 2nd grader! Wah!! Where does the time go?!

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few things I am loving lately. I got these Tory Burch sandals a few weeks ago. They were on major sale, so that is the only reason why I got them. They are a major splurge, but I love them so much! #boujee

I am loving these cookies...Nutter Butter Peanut Pattie. #addicting
I got this letter board from Target a few months back (It's black and gold, what can I say). I'm trying to figure out what I should put on it for this next and final round against the Washington Capitals. #nocapsno

Anyways, Happy Friday. I hope y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I am very much looking forward to my 3 day weekend. It will be spent by the pool, getting some organization done around the house, watching sports of course and eating some great food!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

NHL: Game Changers - "Knight Fever"

NHL: Game Changers - "Knight Fever"
Thursday, May 3, 2018
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If you have 22 minutes (it's a quick watch), please take the time to watch this episode that NBC Sports did on the Vegas Golden Knights. My hubby is in it, but more importantly it shows why this team is so special and is so important to not only me and my family, but also our city.

We cherish all our new friends that we have made since September through being involved with the Vegas Golden Knights and our love for hockey.

Let me also explain that both me and my Husband grew up in Minnesota. The state of ice hockey. Mighty Ducks anyone? He was somewhat a fan of the North Stars before they left. Then in came the Wild years later. Both of us didn't grow up watching or loving professional hockey the way we were brought up loving professional football (Go Vikes) or even professional baseball for him (Go Twins). So even though we had a hockey team and of course rooted for them and went to an occasional game here or there, we were never really diehard WILD fans. I didn't even really like watching hockey on TV to be honest.

But then a few things happened last fall and things changed. Does that make me a band-wagoner? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. Not one bit.

A few points:

1. My Hubby started working with the team as the in arena game host. That in itself was a direct link to the team and fans. I knew at that point I would be immersed into the world, but I just didn't know then what I do now;

2. The events of 1 October happened and the way the whole team, organization and really the NHL in general handled everything and paid tribute to everyone was incredible. To the opening day ceremonies around the league and our first home game on October 10, 2018. Everything was so special and emotional and healing all at the same time; and, last but certainly not least,

3. We started to and continue to feel the sense of community within the fan base. We have met such awesome people and made such great connections and friends through this team and organization that it amplifies it even more. I think with only living in Vegas for about 3 years and not having many friends here, this team and the VGK community came around for our little family at just the perfect time.

So yes, through all of this I have really loved going to games and even watching them on TV. If you would have told me 5 years ago I would be this big of a hockey fan as I am today, I would have said no way, but like I explained above, things changed and I will forever be a Vegas Golden Knights fan.

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