Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lately - May 2016

Amie came to help with the kids at the end of April while we were in Jamaica. I didn't get many pictures with her. (insert sad face) But on Friday, May 6th, the night she was to leave, we went to Selena Gomez. It was actually a better concert than what I was expecting. So I was pleasantly surprised.

Amie left and we were all very sad. The next night I took Grams to see Jennifer Nettles.

She was amazing!!!!

Wayne stayed home with the kids and I got this picture from him. Love them so much!

We also went swimming a bunch...

Griffin figured out there was water in the dog bowls and wouldn't leave them alone.

Hailey and Daddy had a couple day dates...

And we went to the Billboard Music Awards!!

That's it for May!

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