Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites [Five Twenty Sixteen]

These are some of my favorites this week:


My favorite dish this week is THIS one!! Seriously, you won't be able to resist these brussel sprouts!!


I also posted about my fave song at the moment! If you want to see the official music video...go HERE! P.S. The FULL album is now out and I can't wait to listen to the whole thing!!!

I love everything and WANT everything on THIS website! Especially this:

Cause it just AIN'T!

We're about half way done with this series and LOVE it!!! I am a huge Sam Elliott fan and was excited when I found out he plays the Father role on this show. Also, can Ashton Kutcher do no wrong?

Anything else new and exciting on Netflix? Or Hulu that you would recommend?

This so fits my month year.

I love THIS article so so so much!

And THIS one brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!!

My favorite purchase this week is actually a secret. I purchased our Father's Day gift from me and the kids to my Husband. Yes, people I know it's only mid-May, and I'm way ahead of the game. It's the first time EVER that I'm ahead of the game and I hope he LOVES it!!! I haven't said anything to him and the only other person I've told is Hailey. She's REALLY good at keeping secrets about presents. Like REAL good. The only way he will know that I bought something for him is if he reads this blog post. Haha. Or when it shows up to the house in the mail in a couple weeks. I'll post about it after he opens it. Woohoo!!

And no, Wayne, if you are reading this, you cannot open it early. You have to wait for your special day!!

I am so excited to go to the Billboard Music Awards this weekend!!! I've never been to an awards show, so this is a first! Woohoo! Brit Brit is opening the show!!

We watched this movie last weekend. It was WAY better than what I thought it was going to be. We watched it as a family and even though there is some risk-ay scenes that we had Hailey close her eyes for, she was glued to it and absolutely loved it.

I was so excited to see this yesterday:

A photo posted by Leah // Las Vegas (@mrsmamad) on

Anybody else excited for this revival?

We took Griffin swimming for the first time last weekend. It was warm outside, so we decided to try. He LOVES bath time, but obviously the pool is different. But he LOVED pool time, too!

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That's pretty much all for this week! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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