Monday, April 11, 2016

March 2016 Wrap-Up

I meant to post this awhile back, but alas, time got away from me and here we are in April already.

On Saturday the 19th, we met up with some friends for a night out to Pitbull AGAIN! I love my little man getting ready with me. He's just the cutest!

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It was such a fun night and like I said on Insta, I will NEVER get sick of his music or seeing him live!

He seriously puts on SUCH a good show!

On Sunday, the 20th, we went to our local mall and had the typical Easter bunny picture with the kids. Griffin's first of course. Hailey's smile is SO cheesy, but there were NO tears!! Yay!

21st: This is my Hubby's progress thus far regarding his weight loss surgery. I plan on doing a more detailed post since he had the gastric sleeve surgery back in October. I haven't really blogged about it too much thus far, but I wanted to share this picture. Crazy, right?

22nd: I am so behind on pictures and getting pictures off my phone and organized. It's really bad. But what can I do other than try to catch up!

23rd: It was National Puppy Day! Yay!

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26th: We did the Bubble Run. We did it as a family and were supposed to meet up with some friends, but we didn't leave the house on time and wouldn't you know it, with two kids, it's just not as easy these days. We had a lot of fun and Hailey especially was SO excited.

After we got home and got cleaned up, I went to the DMV to renew my license. It was about to expire on my birthday (4/9), so I HAD to get it done before then. So, I sucked it up and went and did it. Only 2.5 hours later was I done and I am also registered to vote. Ugh. I then went and promptly spent 1.5 hours at Target. #myhappyplace

27th: Easter!!! It was pretty low key. We were all so tired (exhausted Mama right here) from the day before. We originally wanted to go and check out an Easter buffet at one of the hotels. And while the hotel we picked didn't seem crazy busy, the buffet was. So, we opted to have more of a sit down meal. Which was fine, since my hubby can't really eat a whole lot at a buffet anyways. Also, sidenote: I didn't realize he has this business card from the Dr that says he has had stomach surgery and they are legally obligated to give him a kids meal or charge him for a kids meal. 

We ended up at Hearthstone in the Red Rock Casino which is in Summerlin (a suburb of Las Vegas). It was also super low key (just our thing, especially with kids) and the food was absolutely delicious!

The best part was I didn't have to cook OR clean up. Hailey got to MAKE her own pizza and the chicken and waffles that I got were SO GOOD!!!! Later that afternoon I took a nice, much needed, nap with my baby boy. Later that night after both kids were sleeping, my Hubby and I watched The Walking Dead.

30th: Well the day started with a trip to the Vet. One of our pups, Moo Moo, has had a few seizures in the past few months and had a bad one the day before. So we decided it was time to take her in and get her looked at. We had a full blood work up done on her and she is perfect in every way. The Dr thinks it is a neurological thing as she is almost 10 years old and just starting them now with no major life changes. So, for now we will monitor her and see if we have to put her on meds at some point in the future.

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And there's March 2016 for ya! I can't believe we're well into mid-April already! Uffda!

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