Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Faves (Three Eleven Sixteen)

It seems like I blink and the week has flown by! The last month of work has been crazy. We have been in trial mode since beginning of February for a trial in mid-March and then late last week it got continued to May. Yay! So now this week has been catch-up of all the things we've been putting off because of this stupid trial.

Not only has work been crazy, but my peeps and I have been sick the last couple weeks. We got the crud that's been going around and then Griffin had a double ear infection. I think our house is finally on the mend and we are all on the up and up. Thank God! The only thing worse than your kid(s) being sick, is you being sick with them. Can we say exhausting?

Hailey had a friends birthday party last weekend at Pump It Up, Griffin's been teething and isn't sleeping through the night anymore like he used to. Blah! But he's hitting milestone after milestone and eating lots; so that's all good. Green Gramma took a trip to New York to visit family and the Hubby has been so very busy at his work as well. They are making some changes and switching some things around, which is all fine and dandy, but that just means more work for him and longer hours. This week has been a doozy and we are both looking forward to this weekend very much!

Here is my fun Friday list of things that I am loving and looking forward to.

The Good Dinosour. OMG. What is with these PIXAR animated movies and making grown adults cry like babies. Seriously. It's such a good and cute movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

It may be SUPER cheesy, but so was the original. I personally love it. We watch it as a family and actually my daughter has been re-watching them as well. They also have good messages that are great discussion topics with a soon to be 5 year old. Also, I think I cried every episode, too. I'm really excited for season 2 to see where they take this.

I recently signed up for Stitch Fix. After years of reading everyone else's posts about it, I had to give it a try. I will be doing a separate post about what I got and if I kept anything.

I'm so proud of this guy. Monday was his 5 month sleeversary. If you are new around here, he had the sleeve surgery back on October 7, 2015 and in the last 5 months he has lost 120 lbs. It's been a long road and he has put in the work, so I am so proud of where he's at. He's very hard on himself. I keep telling him he has to enjoy where he's at now and more will come as time goes on. After I took this picture, he was totally blown away because he felt like he looked like a different person. He's so handsome!!! We had such a great night at Rascal Flatts.

Thursday was Nevada's Big Give day. It's an all day fundraiser. His station, 93.1 The Party, helped raise money for SafeNest. It's such a great cause helping people in domestic abuse situations. He appeared on the local news station. Again, so proud of him for all he's doing.

I am so excited for the Bachelor Finale this coming Monday. I was not impressed with the Women Tell All. I still hate Olivia. And am on Team JoJo, but the rumor is he picks Lauren. So we'll see.

I've now seen Rascal Flatts twice in the last 3 weeks. Meet n Greets included. Thank you Hubby and 95.5 The Bull.

Here is a picture of Griff's toofers. I need to get caught up on his monthly posts, now that he is almost 8 months old. #HelloLadies

Here is a pic of Hails acting like a teenager, watching the iPad in her room. How is she almost 5? Wah!

And last but not least, Pitbull is coming back to Vegas next week! Yay!! So excited to go see his show again!

That's it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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