Monday, August 31, 2015

Want List {September 2015}

I talked about wanting a new blog design HERE. I just feel like I need to change things up a bit. It's been two years since my last blog redesign. I feel like it's the equivalent to buying a new purse, you need to change up your look every once in awhile. It puts a little more pep in your step. Nothing expensive or extravagant, just something simple, but new.

Speaking of new purses. I am going to try and sell some of my older COACH purses. We'll see how that goes. I'm not sure exactly how to do it, but I need to. Do apps like POSHMARK really work or is EBAY better? I have way too many that I don't use and would love to give them new homes.

I have my eye on a couple new purses from JustFab, but have been hesitating on biting the bullet. Again, something new, nothing expensive, just new. I want the BROOKS in Cobalt and the ZACHARY in white.

I also want THESE boots from JustFab. I think they would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe. Even though winter in Vegas is completely different than winter in Minnesota, I love the color and detail.

Wayne recently took over our home laptop for work purposes. Which is a good thing, because now he can work from home which is super exciting. BUT now I feel myself having to sit at our desktop computer for everything which isn't always possible or comfortable for long periods of time. First world problems I tell you.  I miss being able to sit in the rocking chair or on the couch or in bed and having that flexibility. I have my eye on THIS one. It's nothing special or huge. Just a very basic PC. For what I use it for I think it would be just fine. And it's pink and girly.

I need a new wallet and have had my eye on a Michael Kors wallet for quite sometime. I like THIS one in Chili. I've had the same Coach wallet since high school and it's starting to fall apart. I would like to find a nice one to replace it.

I want a good pair of cowboy boots. I have wanted a pair for awhile, but they can be expensive. There is a country festival coming to Vegas in October and I would love to get a pair before then, but we'll see. I really like these. Brown and simple with a little bit of detail.

 That's all for now friends. Anything you've been wanting lately?

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