Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mini D's 1st Trimester (Weeks 9 & 10)

December 17, 2015
(9 weeks, 2 days)

Today we had our first real Dr appointment in the morning and then an ultrasound in the afternoon, so I ended up taking the day off of work. We brought Hailey with us that day, too. She loved seeing the baby on the monitor and hearing the heartbeat. It gave me such relief to see and hear the little nugget.

Monday, December 22, 2014
10 weeks

I was still having many of the same symptoms. Still tired. Still hungry. We had planned a way of telling our families. I had purchased a shirt for Hailey from Etsy and then we took a picture of her in the shirt with the ultrasound picture and put it in a frame. Green Gramma, Wayne's Mom and my Dad each opened it as one of their "gifts." It was so fun to see their reactions. It took a second for it to register and for them to actually read what was on the shirt, but after it sunk in then everyone was cheering and crying. It was a pretty special Christmas.

We didn't tell our extended families yet, because we were only 10 weeks. We just told our more immediate families. When I told my Gramma over the phone a couple weeks later on her birthday (1-8-15), she said she figured something like that because of what I was wearing at Christmas...leggings and a tunic. She knew before I told her with Hailey, too. How do Grandma's just know these things?

It was a great holiday surprising them in such a fun way!


Maternity Clothes: I have seemed to pop out quicker with this one than I did before, which I heard is normal. I also am hungrier and eating more, too, which is contributing as well right now to my initial weight gain I think. I have started wearing the belly bands with a few of my pants, which I didn't do with Hailey until week 14 or so.

Sleep: I am still tired, but I don't think I am as exhausted as weeks 4-8. During the week is a lot tougher. I think that by the time I work all day, get Hailey from school and then get her home and do dinner, bath and bedtime, I am so done for the day. I still take naps on the weekends to catch up on my sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: First it was ultrasound day. We saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. Hailey was with us at that appointment, too, so it was extra special for her to see/hear and be involved.

My second favorite moment was sharing the news with our families over Christmas week,

Movement: None yet.

Food Craving: More salty than anything else. Give me a bag of chips and I'm good to go. I have also wanted meat, like a good juicy steak sounds great! 

Food Aversions: It's hard sometimes to know what I want to eat or know what I am hungry for. Sometimes nothing sounds good, but I know I have to eat something.

Morning Sickness: I have not had any thus far. Although I had a horrible cold/sinus thing that I couldn't really take anything for and it sucked so bad!!  I was so miserable for about a week!

Gender: Unknown, but we will be finding out.

Symptoms: Having the ultrasound was great, because other than being tired, I haven't had too many symptoms and often times do not feel like I am even pregnant. I am also more sensitive and feel like I cry way easier.

What I miss: Not being so tired and actually having energy to do things. 

What I'm looking forward to: My next Dr appointment during week 12 (1/7/15).

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Becky said...

I think you're having a boy. Fun to read about your experience as I've been going through it as well.

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