Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Highlights: March 21 - 23, 2014

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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Friday night was low-key. Wayne was supposed to have the night off, but ended up staying later at work than planned. Always a bummer. I made spaghetti and Hailey insisted on eating it like her Father.

Do you see what she's doing there? We tried a new ice cream treat for a bedtime snack. Ice cream is hands down Hailey's favorite snack/treat, so she is not so picky on flavors. I usually am not either, but this kind was not very appealing to me. It had a weird taste to it. Totally not what I was expecting.

Of course, Hailey scarfed it down with no hesitation. The dogs thought for sure she was going to share.

And yes, that is her portable little potty, that we no longer use. She uses it as a stool now and it's completely clean. No worries!

 photo Saturday_zps8c80148d.jpg

I did my normal 75 minute Zumba class. As you can see I totally rocked it. 1,028 calories burned.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy and catching up on TV. Hailey had a massive meltdown on the way home from the gym. Basically, she said she had to go potty and couldn't wait until we got home. She was holding herself, which she normally never does. So I pull into the closest thing, which was Leeann Chin and take her in to go potty. Well, when we were done, she didn't want to leave. She wanted to eat there. I said no, because I already had it in my head that we were having pizza for lunch, so she proceeded to cry the entire way home (about 10-15 minutes). I took this to send to Wayne and my Mom. This was us parked in our garage. Kids I tell ya.

I did a few "spring cleaning" projects around the house and then made a mental note of about 556 more projects that need to be done. Haha. Isn't that the way it always goes? Wayne's little brother stopped by for a little bit in the evening, so it was nice to catch up with him for a bit.

 photo Sunday_zps99ad902f.jpg

The only thing I had planned for Sunday was Falen's bridal shower. I don't want to share too many specifics, but her fiance's aunt threw it for her.

{Katie, Me, Leslie, Falen, Tina}

A couple of quick tidbits about the afternoon.

(1) They have a beautiful house. Absolutely gorgeous;
(2) The food was so delicious I went back for seconds. P.S. I was NOT the only one;
(3) The company was equally fabulous as always; and
(4) She got so much great stuff. I made a mental note of AT LEAST two things I need to upgrade in my kitchen.

After 7 1/2 years of marriage, I think I am entitled to a few upgrades, right?
Overall it was a great shower! 

The icing on the cake was that my Flash drive was fixed by one of my BFF's little brother. I wrote about it HERE. Yup, I sent it off, he soldered it back together and we met at my parents house to do the exchange. Hallelujah!! My world is now complete and no more in a state of limbo. I have all my pictures, documents and planned blog posts back. I have properly backed everything up in multiple places and will do so on at least a weekly basis, sometimes daily with certain things.

Anyways, that about wraps it up. How was your weekend?

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Sarah said...

Oof those tantrums are brutal! Know you aren't alone!

Brittany said...

oh good that you got your flash drive fixed!! I bet that was such a huge relief.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Such an awesome way to eat spaghetti. I think I need to make some for dinner tonight. :)

~Dawn~ said...

What a great weekend :)
Hailey standing on her toilet...so cute! haha

ajs {of MN} said...

totally making pasta for din din tonight!

YEAH about the flash drive!

getting my 2.5 year old to leave places these days is a TOTAL struggle it's not easy. i can pretty much bet on the fact that i will be carrying out a screaming child if SHE is not "ready" .... we're working on it. :/

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