Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday: Polar Vortex & The Metrodome

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Happy Friday friends!

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The Polar Vortex. I guess this is what this EXTREME cold snap that we had this week is called. I don't know what it is exactly, but whatever it's called it's been rough. Thankfully, today, the high is 30 or something of that nature. Can we say HEAT WAVE {said like HUMP DAY}!

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The word hibernating takes on a whole new meaning when it's that cold. We're pretty used to hibernating in the winter, but this is to an extreme, like if you don't need to leave your house for any reason, then just don't.

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I am thankful for my new coat that I got last week. It seriously keeps me so WARM HOT. It's also pretty and stylish, which doesn't hurt one bit either. This was us on Monday (the coldest day this week). Off to work and school (daycare)! My car reads -18. Oofta!

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The iHeartRadio Country Festival was announced this week. It's in Austin, TX on March 29th. It's like the one in Vegas (for top 40 music), but it's all country. I really want to go, but don't think it will happen this year. It sounds so fun and exciting though. We'll see. Any of my Texas friends planning on going?

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I hate the gym this time of year. It's so dang busy. I applaud people and their new years resolutions, but the month of January just really sucks at the gym. But, nonetheless, I'm still going to go and get back to my routine of getting up and going before work a couple times a week. I figured I would give myself this week with the gym being so busy and it being so cold out. My fave Zumba chicka, Mollie, has brought back her Thursday night 1 hour class, and while I hate taking Hailey and sticking her in more daycare at night, it's one night a week and motivates me like no other. Plus, she DOES have fun and enjoys going to the gym, too, so it's not all bad.

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So this happened this week.

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My Husband got a Metrodome chair. They are tearing it down soon and are selling the chairs. Of course my Husband AND my Dad had to get one. They went down together and picked them up. You could also get a certificate of authenticity with it. Of course it was an extra $20. Of course they had to have that, too. I would say I'm a pretty lucky gal to have a big ugly blue chair sitting in my basement. {#sarcasm}

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This was pretty much my weekend last weekend and HOPEFULLY I will be doing more of the same this, TV, orange soda, Hailey playing, all while hanging out in my PJ's. I love how Hailey sets up her computer just like Mama's. P.S. I DID go to the gym Saturday morning, so it wasn't all just relaxation and nonsense (not that I have to explain myself).

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! Any fun plans? 

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Sarah said...

Any significance of that particular Dome seat, or did he just take a random one?

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Ahh your weather is CRAZY cold!! Brrr

Brittany said...

Thats stupid that you had to pay extra for an authenticity certificate.

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