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8 Must Haves for Attending a Blog Conference

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These are my 8 must have items if you are attending a conference or thinking about attending a conference.

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(1) Paper & (2) Pen

There is a reason I put this first. I bought a cute little notebook from Target that I still use for all things blog related.  I took so many great notes throughout the day that I still look back on for reminders. I wanted to make sure I was getting all of the speakers tips down as they were speaking, as well as anything else I wanted to jot down throughout the day. Also, it's all in one place so I can easily find it.

The personalized pen I got with my business cards and I LOVE it!  

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(3) Business Cards

I invested in these and I'm so glad I did. I went through VistaPrint and also got the pen pictured above. They also have tons of other products that you can customize. They both match my blog design, which I highly recommend. . That way when people go and visit your blog or site, they will easily relate to it cause they have seen it before. It was so great to exchange these with the other ladies I met. After getting home, I could review them, go visit their blog and/or go follow them on their social media outlets. I even wrote a few notes on them as people were giving them to me. If something stood out in our conversation or we had something in common, I jotted that down on the card for reference later.

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(4) Electronics i.e. iPad and/or iPhone

I'm so glad I decided to bring my iPad along. I actually ended up using this more throughout the day than my iPhone, which was great because the battery lasts so much longer. I didn't use my iPhone as much, which meant that my iPhone stayed pretty well charged. I can't go anywhere without my phone (mostly for child/babysitter reasons), but I keep a digital calendar and I also used this to take a few pictures of things, since I didn't bring an actual camera. I could keep it in my pocket at all times and was pretty covered throughout the day.

I used my iPad mostly to take some photos of slides from the various speakers slideshows. If I felt like there was just too much information to write down, then I would snap a picture of the slide for later use.

(5) Chargers

I actually bring these everywhere with me anyways, but I would say especially to a conference. I personally didn't need them, but I did have a couple people who borrowed mine and were in need of them. 

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(6) Calendar or Planner

Like I said above. I do keep a digital calendar in my phone, but I need, need, need my handwritten calendar for further planning and notes. There is just nothing like it. Visit Erin Condren for a planner like the one shown above. I love how I can customize it to show my life and personality.

(7) Cute & Comfortable Outfit

I knew it was going to be a long day, so I went with business casual pants, a dressy tee, and a cardigan with flats. It's an outfit that I actually wear to work. I felt good in what I was wearing and I am so glad I brought a cardigan as I was constantly hot/cold. Also, I am glad I wore flats. There is nothing worse than hurting feet while you're trying to mingle and make conversation.

(8) Confidence

I was terrified at first to put myself out there, but you know what? So was everyone else. And if they aren't they are a liar. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is putting themselves out there. Be confident in your brand and in yourself. There is no one else out there like you.

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