Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Never Ever Ever {09.17.2013}

Linking up with Neely for Never Ever Ever.

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Never Ever Ever,

Will I hate football season. I'm such an NFL girl. No college for me.

Will I NOT be a Vikings fan. No matter how awful they are. We bleed purple.

Will I NOT be obsessed with TV. It's my favorite hobby and my escape away from the real world.

Will I NOT be grateful for my DVR. No explanation needed.

Will I NOT ever own an iPhone. So user friendly and LOVE everything about it. Can't wait to upgrade to the new 5S soon.

Will I NOT ever LOVE my iPad. It's so convenient, fun and great for Hailey, too.

Will I hate getting a mani/pedi. Holla!

Happy Tuesday folks!

1 comment:

JJ said...

college football all the way baby!

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