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Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday {09.27.2013}

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Linking up with Darci again for 5 on Friday.

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I've felt so MIA from this little blog of mine the last couple weeks. I was on such a roll of having at least one post a day (Monday through Friday) and then life just got me. Work has been busy, which is good, but it doesn't leave me much time to read, write or catch up on anything else during the day. Secondly Wayne had a schedule change at work, so he was home last Friday evening and then Monday through Wednesday evening of this week. He went back to his regular schedule yesterday.

It was glorious to have him home in the evening. He picked up Hailey from school, while I went home and made dinner. We ate dinner together, had some family time, he spent time with Hailey and pretty much did bedtime routine. I had a little time to myself, but of course, what did I do? I watched new TV this week. Read: TV JUNKIE

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Another thing I have been spending some time on this past week is my photography business. Although it's a part-time side business, it's still something I take pride in. It's a passion I have. I just signed a new wedding couple for next August, which I am SO excited about. I also realized in working with them on hammering out details, I have a June 2014 wedding that I need to contact and get moving on as well. Also, I desperately need to update my website with pictures, so I have been organizing that project as well. As if I don't have enough going on. I always just upload and share on FB, but I NEED to update my website as well.

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I found these at the grocery store this week.

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When did they come out? Seriously. Chips are my weakness. Especially BBQ. Especially Sunchips.

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I got my flu shot yesterday. I hate needles. Hate. You would think after having a baby I would be cool with it all. Nope. Still hate them. My arm still hurts. #wimp

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Speaking of being a wimp. I wrote about my new fitness commitment yesterday. You can read about how my Husband laughed in my face HERE. I've decided to give it 100% for the month of October. I can do that right? One month? Anyone can do anything for one month. I'll try and do a few re-caps throughout the month. We'll see where I'm at with it at the end of October. Thank you to everyone who commented or sent me an email or message with such kind words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it.

Cheers to the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!!!


Sarah said...

I've never heard of the BBQ Sunchips,but i am OBSESSED with the salsa ones! YUM! Have a great weekend!

Huggies and Heels said...

I need to go buy those chips immediately! And good luck with your October fitness commitment. I'm going to try to stick with mine for October too!

Jaime said...

Every single time I get a flu shot, the muscles in my arm near the spot feel like they are on fire for days.

This year was no different.

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