Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 32nd Birthday Babydoll!

Happy 32nd Birthday to the love of my life. After 10 years of celebrating birthdays with you, they just don't ever get old (pun intended). Haha. No, but seriously, I love you more and more as each one passes and even though we won't be together a whole lot today, just know I am thinking of you ALWAYS.

 photo Us_zps37328e46.jpg

I am so lucky to have you as my Husband and so glad that you picked me to share this life with. Everyone knows I'm head over heels for you. You are so thoughtful of me, my time and my efforts, while unselfishly you give all your time to working and providing for our little family. You work so hard for us and I appreciate that more than you know. More than words or actions can show you.

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I know I say this all the time, but you are seriously THEE BEST DADDY EVER!! I could not have dreamt a more perfect little family for me and God only knows how thankful and blessed I am.

We are so lucky to have you and call you OURS!

I love you with all of my heart!! Here is to another 10+ years of birthdays together!!

Happy Birthday, Babydoll!


JJ said...

Happy Birthday to Wayne!

~Dawn~ said...

Aww, such a sweet post, Leah!! Happy Birthday, Wayne!

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