Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday {08.23.2013}

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Linking up with Darci again for Five on Friday.

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Not too much going on in my life other than my stupid ankle. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last Saturday was NOT a fun day. More on that one later. It's been inhibiting me in all aspects of my life, including getting anything done on this blog, much less in real life. I hate it. It pretty much sucks, but what can you do. Nothing. I just gotta roll with punches.

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Yay for new Britney! Today is actually 24 days, but because I did this post yesterday, it says 25.

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I love these new royal family pictures. I love how they are just chillin outside with their babe and their pups and it's not so formal. They look like actual real people.

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Did you hear the other great news? The Obama's got another new pup? Bo and Sunny. I can't stand the cuteness.

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And lastly cause I can't do a post lately with-out mentioning it, the MN State Fair is in full swing as of yesterday. I found their instagram and love seeing all the pictures.

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Peace out! And happy weekend to all!


JJ said...

I cannot wait for new Britney!

Are you gonna be able to make it to the State Fair with you ankle? I hope you can.

~Dawn~ said...

I think I might try taking the girls to the state fair this year. I think! haha

nikki@the fit said...

I can relate, i been having problems with my hip.

Sarah said...

I love the Royals new casual picture too. It makes me feel like I'm best friends with them HA! Sad.

Brittany said...

I went to the fair yesterday. I wish I could go again times ten :)

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