Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Favorite Things

I saw this on Sarah's blog and knew I wanted to do it, too!

TEN of my favorite foods:
- Chocolate cake
- Leann Chin
- My Mom's spaghetti
- Canadian Bacon + green olive pizza
- Mashed potatoes + gravy
- My Grandma's spaghetti hotdish
- Strawberries
- Ice Cream
- Chips + Salsa
- Popcorn with melted butter + salt

NINE of my all-time favorite movies:
- Shawshank Redemption
- Pretty Woman
- 17 Again
- The Blindside (pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock)
- Dirty Dancing
- Sweet Home Alabama
- Stepbrothers
- Seven
- The Hangover (#1)

EIGHT celebrities I'd like to marry:
- Channing Tatum
- Ryan Reynolds
- Zac Efron
- Taylor Kitsch
- Joe Manganiello
- Maksim Chmerkovskiy
- Paul Walker
- Ryan Gosling

SEVEN things I'm loving right now:
- Hailey, who is constantly keeping me on my toes.
- Wayne. No explanation needed ever.
- Slow days at work.
- Gearing up for the State Fair.
- NFL Football.
- My family. So thankful for them every single day.
- My friends. They bring such joy and fun to my life.

SIX places I'd like to visit someday:
- Santorini, Greece
- Germany
- London, England
- Paris, France
- Australia
- Rome, Italy

FIVE games I played as a child:
- Candyland
- Monopoly
- Guess Who
- Chutes & Ladders
- Capture the flag (outside game).

FOUR things I'd rather never see again:
- Cancer
- Child abuse
- Animal abuse
- Hungry people in the world

THREE things I'd like to do this year:
- Take a vacation
- Buy a house
- Baby #2

In that order, please.

TWO facts about me:
- I broke both of my wrists in the 3rd the same time.
- I'm a picky eater.

ONE meaning behind my blog name:
- I am a Mrs, A Mama and my last name starts with D. Also, my Hubs is known as Big D and people started calling me Mrs D or Mama D, so I decided to combine them and go with it.

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Sarah said...

Yay! So much fun. I've learned a lot about you! How on earth did you break both wrists at the same time?

Rumor within my family has it that I am related to Joe Manganiello. :)

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