Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Things Thursday {06.20.2013}

I've seen this on a friends blog. She usually does it every week and so in an effort to be more "present" on the blog, here are three things about my week.


I didn't realize how much pink I have in my life at the moment. I mean it IS my favorite color, but really?

 photo IMG_6449_zps2923992f.jpg

Purse, Nails, iPad Mini case and sunglasses. This is my life I guess.


Green Grandma comes on Sunday....for 2 weeks! She's mostly coming because of Hailey's 2nd birthday on 6/26. We are doing her party on the 29th. Last year for her 1st birthday we actually were in New York and she was there with us at that point, too.

 photo Collage3-bdaycake.jpg

So excited to have here here with us for a visit! I really wish she would move back to Minny!


So Hailey got bit again at school (daycare). That's 2 days in a row now. 2 DAYS!! She's only there two days a week (usually M's & F's), so for her to get bit, let alone 2 days in a row is just preposterous!! Not to mention that's 3 times in about the last month. I know it's a part of being "toddler," but at what point do you say enough is enough. The hardest part is they can't tell me many details. They are looking into it cause I sent them a stern "Mama Bear" email and are in the process of getting back to me.

Have any other parents out there experienced this with daycare? What did you do or how did you handle it?

P.S. Anybody else waiting impatiently for Friday?


Gabriella said...

Love all the pink! The biting thing must be hard. I used to teach preschool and I remember a few instances of biting. At that age, it is mostly because they can't fully communicate their frustrations. Doesn't make it right, and as I parent I can imagine how upsetting it must be. Just stay on top of the school and make sure they are doing something about it!!

ajs {of MN} said...

you pink is like me and zebra! haha it's ridiculous!

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