Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being "The Good Wife"

Welcome to my "Blog Every Day in May Challenge" that I am participating in going on over at Jenni's Story of My Life.

Go see the list HERE for the whole month.

Day 2 for Thursday, May 2nd: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic).

I think this topic has so many people stumped, because we don't like giving our self praise or feel like we are bragging about being good at something. We don't want anyone to think we are full of ourselves.

I decided to do this 30 day blog challenge, then I wrote Day 1, posted it and only AFTER doing that and pledging I would participate for the full 31 days did I read the topic for Day 2.


I was stumped. After thinking about what to write for a good 24 hours, I asked my Husband for some inspiration and the first thing out of his mouth was:

"You're a good Wife."

So I decided to run with it, cause I DO think I'm a good Wife. Am I the best one ever? No. But I think I am a pretty darn good one. Here are my top 5 tips for being a good Wife.

1. Respect.

You need to HAVE a good Husband in order to BE a good Wife. No one wants to do things for the other person if they don't get anything in return, right? So do things for each other. The term I always use is "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."

Example: My Husband helps with things around the house. Like simple things. Dishes, laundry, picking up the house. He knows that the thing I loathe the most is coming home from work all day and then having to continue to do more. It's usually just Hailey and I at night and I don't want to waste my night-time with her doing chores. Is it scrubbing the toilets and cleaning the house from top to bottom? No. But I don't care. It's the little things that make my day and I am so grateful for that. He helps me out in those ways and I help him out in the bedroom. Twss.

2. Be Supportive.

You might not agree with everything they do, but still try and be supportive. Just because it's not important to you, doesn't mean that it's not important to them.

Example: My Husband is REALLY into wrestling. Like the WWE wrestling you see on TV. Do I love it? No. Do I want to sit down and watch 3 hours of Monday Night Raw with him every week? Do I want to go to local wrestling shows? No and No. But that doesn't mean that HE can't. Just like he doesn't want to spend hours watching any of my silly shows (i.e. Bachelor/ette). We each are our own person and I like it that way.

3. Make the time.

That's not to say we don't do ANYTHING together either. We have our shows that we MUST watch together. No exceptions.

Example: It's changed over the years, but most recently it has been The Walking Dead or The Following or New Girl or Bob's Burgers. Find what you can watch together and make the effort. Even if we don't watch it on that night, we will sit down at some point that week and make the time.  

4. Communicate & Listen.

Just talk. Have conversations about things, even if it is as simple as your day to day happenings.  Men want to be heard just as much as women do. They want to know that you are really hearing them and what they have to say.

Example: Me and my Husband are on opposite schedules. It isn't ideal, but we make the best of it. We try and take out time in our day to just catch up on stuff. We talk on the phone or text or talk at night before bed. Any way of showing the other person you are there even in the hectic times.

And last, but certainly not least,

5. "Guy" time.

Let them have it. Whatever that may be.

Example: For my Husband it is playing video games. One word of advice, don't try and change them and their "hobbies." Let them play the damn video games. This goes back to #2. With however silly I think video games are, it just doesn't matter. Does it interfere with life? No, and it makes him happy. If that's the most I have to "worry" about then I am fine with that. He's not an alcoholic or a druggie and he doesn't beat me or our child. Nuff said.

Are their any good tips you have that you have learned over the years?



Jen said...

Agree with this whole thing! I really wish my hubby would do #5 more often. I feel like I get so much girl time, it's like I'm taking advantage of him. I would add Be Each Others Biggest Fan. I try to be Jeremy's cheerleader with everything he does. Along with that, no matter how annoyed with him I get, I try my hardest not to talk bad about him to my friends or coworkers.

Anonymous said...

i love these tips. my guy and i watch duck dynasty together. it's so dumb but it's the way we just relax at the end of the night.

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