Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Women Connect 2012. Spilling my guts.

I am linking up with Becky for Women Connect and let's just say I am getting real on the blog today. I usually try to not be too serious. I usually make this blog a fun place with outfit posts, new things I bought, things about my life and parenting and updates about my daughter. So bare with me today as I spill my guts.

A little about me and my life right now.

I'm a bit behind on life. Ok, "a bit" is an understatement. 2 weeks ago we got a call from our landlord who told us we need to be out of the house we are renting from her by January 15th.

Read: She is having boyfriend troubles and needs to move back into her house.

I get it. I do. But at the same time I just don't.

My Husband called me at work. Told me to shut my office door and told me about his conversation with said landlord lady.

My world crumbled.

60 days.

2 months.

Our life.

Our belongings.

4 dogs. Yes you read that right...4 dogs.

One toddler.

One Husband.

One marriage.

And Me.

I didn't plan on this. How could anyone plan to uproot their whole lives just out of the blue like this. Not us. Not through the holidays.

That was a very hard day. This hadn't even been on my radar. I'm a planner, most times to a fault. We had lived there since May 2011 and weren't planning on moving anytime soon. Life was going great. Right on track. Predictable. I LOVE predictable. And then wham. Out of blue we get hit with this curve ball. Oofta.

After taking the day to mourn and cry...and cry some more, we (being my Husband) concluded that we couldn't waste time feeling sorry for ourselves. We had to forge ahead into the unknown and start looking at our options.We turned to our awesome family and friends for support and prayers.

My Husband. He is a strong one that man. You know how in every relationship some things one person is great at and in other things the other is great at. Well, he's pretty much great at it all. He lifted me up and stayed so positive. He truly is my rock.

We talked about how it's not just us to think about. We have this little peanut:


And these 4 fur-babies.


And each other. And with each of these obstacles makes us that much stronger as individual people and as a couple.

And even though it was hard to be cheerful and thankful over this last holiday, we do have lots to be thankful for. Even in our crummy situation.

Our health.
Our jobs.
Our loving and supportive family.

Just to name a few. 

And now after two weeks of searching, we have this to be thankful for.

Our NEW home.


It's nothing huge and fancy, but it fits our family perfect and we couldn't be more excited.

We don't get the keys for another couple weeks, but are already busy packing and looking forward to getting into this new place, making it our home, putting up a tree and starting the new year off right.

I just want to say thank you for all your support.


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