Friday, July 20, 2012

Birchbox Brag {July 2012}


Head over to either Tara's blog or Katie's blog to link up with them for Birchbox Brag.

If you are not familiar with Birchbox and don't know what it is...basically for $10 a month they send you some trial sizes (everyone once in awhile you might get a full size product like I did this month) of various beauty products.

This is my box this month sponsored by Glamour:




All the links will take you directly to the products on the Birchbox website.

I love the earbuds. They are so cute and will come in handy. You really can't have enough of these laying around the house.

 With my new tattoo and summertime I need to remember to put sunscreen on it. This is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one, which will be great for my tattoo. The little packet will come in handy to keep in my purse and they sell a travel size if I do end up liking it.

I always like to try new scents, so I like it when I get a little thing of a new scent. I feel like sometimes I get stuck in a certain one.

I love the color, but I don't paint my nails. I have fakes right now, too, but once I get them off, I might start painting them and try this color. We'll see.

I like trying new things. I probably wouldn't ever purchase a tin of mints online, but they are not bad to try a sample.

I am usually not a fan of liquid eyeliner, but this is a full size product, so I will definitely be giving it a try.

Overall, I think my box was great this month and am happy with the 2 months that I have gotten so far.


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