Friday, April 27, 2012

My (29th) Birthday! {2012}

My birthday was Monday, April 9th.

I turned 29.

I don't know how to feel about it.

Quite frankly with Hailey growing up and now walking (yes, she is walking and has been fully walking for about a week+), I really want time to slow down or stop for a bit.

I think I just have so many emotions going on lately, I just don't know what to feel. I've never felt bad about a birthday or about getting older, but this year was definitely bitter-sweet.

It was Easter weekend, so we spent that with our families and then Wayne and I celebrated just the two of us the next Saturday the 14th at Crave. Overall it was a great birthday. I did get a lot of really great gifts.

 Row 1: Flowers from the Hubs // Coach sandals from Green Grandma


Row 2: Coach purse from my Boss, along with some $ // Bday cake Oreos from the Hubs

Row 3:  Apple iPad w/ pink case & Apple wireless keyboard from the Hubs

I also got $ from my parents and since my MIL babysits my Daughter for us just about everyday, I told her it wasn't necessary to get me a gift on top of all she does for us with Hailey every week.

Overall it was a great birthday, aside from the mixed emotions. I am very blessed and loved in many ways and have such great people in my life.  

Mrs. Mama D

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Anonymous said...

today is my 29th birthday and i just feel like what you said "bitter sweet" :S

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