Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hailey Jo {8 months}

February 26, 2012

This is you at 8 months old:


You love all fruits and veggies and have now tried and love yogurt. In the last couple weeks, we have given you bits and pieces of different things to try as we are eating, such as banana bread, rice krispies, shredded cheese and spaghetti.

You have really started to pay attention to what Mommy and Daddy are eating.

You still eat a fruit combo in the morning (with Oatmeal) and a vegetable/protein combo at night (with Rice cereal).

You are now eating about 6 oz of milk for daytime feedings and before bed. I think you are going through another growth spurt as you have been downing so much milk lately.

You sometimes don't like to take naps. It just varies on the day. One day I had to finish getting ready because we needed to be somewhere. Mommy improvised and you did so good.


You are still going to bed by about 9pm and sleeping until about 8am...on average.There have been a few nights lately where you stay up late and then like to sleep in. You are your Mother's daughter.

You love to pull on the dogs collars. That is your newest thing. If they are close enough to you, you get it. Sometimes they are nervous around you and sometimes they aren't.


You have gotten so vocal and are talking and screaming all the time.

You still put everything in your mouth.

You are still drooling, but I feel not as much. It may be just because I am so used to it. Who knows.

You still go through about 3-4 bibs a day.

You still love your jumperoo, jumper and your walker, but lately prefer just playing on the floor.


You can sit up by yourself without Mommy or Daddy having to worry that you might tip over.

You are always moving and don't sit still anymore.


You are getting into the crawl position and are constantly moving from sitting, to crawl position to tummy, to back, back to tummy and spinning around all at the same time.

You don't stay on your tummy for long, now that you can roll over from tummy to back and vice versa.

You do get up on all 4's once in awhile and rock back and forth.


You are also pulling yourself up on things.


You love music and have started "dancing."

You have really started showing us your personality and react to us taking things away from you or saying No.

You still have deep, gray eyes.

Your hair is still growing and Mommy is actually thinking about cutting your bangs again.

You are growing right on track, but are still our peanut.

You are wearing a few 6 month clothing, but are mostly in all 6 month or 6-9 month clothing and pajamas.

Your giggle is the best thing in this entire world.

You are wearing size three diapers.

You open your mouth when we kiss you like you are trying to kiss back.

You have two teeth now that are definitely visible.


You love to make funny faces.

You still don't care for your nuk at all. I can't even remember the last time you had it.

You still love when we hold your hands and you stand up. You are so proud.


You sit like a big girl in high chairs at restaurants.


You still LOVE bath time and like to kick your feet and splash. You are still in the infant tub, but we will probably try it without soon. Mommy still gets nervous, so we will see.

You had your first cold last week, but we got through it and you were a champ!

You are so alert and people comment on it frequently.

You are so very precious to us and we love you more and more everyday.

We can't remember life without you and wouldn't change it for the world!

We love you!


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