Friday, January 20, 2012

Insta Friday {01.20.2012}

life rearranged

Hailey says, "Let's eat Mom!" with her smile! She loves to eat and is always so excited. We have recently moved up to level 2 foods, so now there is a lot more variety.


My MIL called me last Friday evening to tell me that our local grocery store was having a sale on Gerber baby foods. Some of them expire in February, but I still stocked up. Can't go wrong with a deal on baby food and the ones that expire in February will get first and for sure before February. I mean she eats it everyday. This is the result after my trip last Saturday. Thanks Ma!


While I was at work, Wayne sent me this sweet picture on Wednesday morning after Hailey ate her breakfast of prunes. Prunes or not, I would still kiss that lovable mug.


My dinner one night this week consisted of eggo waffles and toaster strudel. So random, but so good. Oh well.


Now that the Minnesota temps have take a plummet, I am still loving my Body Dew. I think I put the caption as Body Dew = skin saver!


We were at my parents one day this week and my Mom put Hailey in the clothes basket.


My Dad then proceeded to push her all around the house. Let's just say she loved it.


I've been wanting to get my nails done now for a couple weeks. I also NEED a pedicure, but I just haven't been able to find the time to go to the salon. So when I was at Target this week.I picked up these. They are just the glue on nails, and have never really worked for me in the past. But we'll see how long they last.


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Holly said...

Hailey is adorable! I remember playing in the clothes basket as a little kid, lol, until one Christmas when I thought it would be funny to trap my younger cousin underneath and then sit on it so he couldn't escape! No more clothes basket for me! :P

Leah D said...

Thank you! Yes, those were the days! Hailey was loving it!

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