Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hailey Jo {6 months}

December 26, 2011
This is you at 6 months old:



And because I could not pass on posting this one:


You are seriously, too cute!

You tried your first baby food (carrots) on Friday, 12/2/2011.

You didn't like them. But they have grown on you since then.


You have tried squash, green beans, sweet potatoes and peas this month. You also tried a few fruits...bananas, apples and pears so far.

You have pretty much liked them all. 

You eat a fruit in the morning and a vegetable at night. You eat about 6 oz of milk at a time in between that.

You are always trying to pull on my hair.

You love to pull on the dogs hair, too. They still love you!


You are always sucking on your hands.

You are constantly putting everything in your mouth.

You are a drool machine!

You love your jumperoo and your walker.


You are grabbing onto things on your jumperoo and activity gym and pulling on them.  


You are working on sitting up all by yourself. You are almost there.

You have deep, gray eyes.

Your hair is still growing.

You are getting more chub, but I still think you are smaller than other babies.

You are wearing 3-6 months and just now starting to get into your 6 month clothing and pajamas.

Your giggle is the cutest thing we have ever heard.

You are in between size two and three diapers.

You open your mouth when we kiss you like you are trying to kiss back.

You are rolling over from tummy to back and scared me one morning when I went in to check on you and you were sleeping on your tummy. That was definitely a first.

You are still sleeping great. You usually take a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and an evening nap. About 1 hr each. For bedtime, you are in bed by about 9pm and sleep to about 8am...on average.

You are totally smitten by your Daddy. Your eyes light up when you see him and his eyes light up when he sees you. One look from him and you give the biggest grin.

You have definitely found your tongue and are sticking it out and making funny faces.

You are so loud and noisy now. Always babbling and screaming and carrying on.

You still don't care for your nuk...pretty much ever. I don't know yet if that's bad or good.

You still don't like tummy time at all, but pull your knees underneath you almost like you are ready to crawl. You don't last very long on your tummy at all.

You love standing and jumping. You just got a jumper for Christmas and can't wait to really use it.

You have started to take a lot of baths lately and are really starting to enjoy it

You recently had your first pool experience in your bathing suit. We all went swimming at a hotel for Grandma Stager's birthday!


You wore your first pair of jeggings.


You are such a joy and we are so thankful of all our days with you!


Your first Christmas was truly amazing and magical!We can't wait to share more holidays with you!

We love you so much and cherish each and every single day with you!


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