Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hailey Jo {5 months}

November 26, 2011
This is you at 5 months old:


You are definitely starting to develop your own personality.


You smile all the time at everyone you meet. We often have people comment on what a happy baby you are.

You are wearing 3 month - 6 month clothes. This is a snow suit that your Daddy wore when he was little like you. There were a few days where it was chilly enough to put you in this. But now you have outgrown it.


You are growing so fast.

You are still wearing size 2 diapers and still don't mind diaper changing.

You are finding your voice and starting to babble talk a lot.

You are getting a lot more interactive and are talking sometimes screaming all the time now. I think you will be taking after your Daddy in that department.

You started having rice cereal in your bottles on 11/1/2011. 1-2 tablespoons in the morning for breakfast and 1-2 tablespoons at night for dinner. You did this for about three weeks and it went great.

You seemed to sleep longer at night.

You are pretty much sleeping from about 10p - 7a for the most part. Some nights are different than others, but I still think you are sleeping great.


You started having about 2 tablespoons of rice cereal for breakfast in the a.m. and another 2 tablespoons for dinner in the p.m. on 11/19/2011. Daddy usually feeds you your breakfast and Mommy has dinner duty.

You usually do great in your car seat.

You usually fall asleep in the car, but if you wake up, you just kind of sit and look around. If you are hungry though, nothing can make you happy or content (not even your nuk).

Your hair continues to grow. I joke that you have a little mullet. Everyone keeps saying that you will need a haircut soon, but Mommy says not until it's in your face!

You are still such a good baby; always super content and still have the "go with the flow" attitude.

You have not shown any stranger anxiety yet when we meet someone new.

You still strain to sit up.

You love to sit in your Bumbo seat, but you are outgrowing it fast.


You still love your activity gym.

You love the walker at Grandma and Grandpa Stager's house.

You love when we hold your hands and we pull you up to stand.

You are so proud of yourself and give us a big grin.

You still like to cuddle and rock before bed.


You sometimes still fight sleep, but we continue to rock through it.

You still only need your nuk for soothing purposes. It seems to calm you down if you are tired.

Your favorite place to fall asleep is still on Daddy's chest.
I agree that he is super comfy.


You usually wear a bib now during the day because you are drooling so much.

You still like showers most of the time, but Mommy has given you a couple baths lately when needed.

You are getting used to the water going over your head and even smile when Mommy or Daddy assure you that you are all right.

We have found that you are ticklish on your sides and you have continued to giggle when we do that.

You are still ticklish on the bottoms of your feet, too.

You seem to be more and more interested in your puppies and what they are doing.

You often just stare at them. I have to say they love you, too.


You continue to be the light in our lives and we love you very much.



Wendy said...

Hailey is getting SO big!! I love these videos you shoot of her during everyday moments..keep them coming :)

Leah D said...

I know! I try not to be such an over the top Mom. We'll see if that lasts, but I try and catch her randomly when it's happening in the moment. My new phone (IPhone) is so great cause it takes such great pictures and video that I can upload directly to Youtube. So convenient!

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