Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hailey Jo {4 months}

October 26, 2011

This is you at 4 months old:



You had your 4 month shots and well check on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

You weighed 13 lbs 12 oz.(26%).

You were 25 1/4 inches long (73%).

Your head was 16 3/4 inches round (81%).



You are wearing size 3 month clothes and some of your 6 month onesies.

You finally have finished all your size 1 diapers and are now wearing size 2. Pampers are our favorite, but we'll use whatever we get.

You actually like getting your diaper changed. It is usually the time where Mommy eats your belly.
You are eating anywhere from 4-6 oz of formula about every 4-6 hours or so, but every once in awhile will scarf down 6-8 oz. or even more.

You are still a loud burper.

You are starting to fill out a little more, but you are still so small and skinny.

You only really like your nuk if you are tired. It's more of a comfort thing. Lately I have been catching you chewing on it on your left side, so we will see what becomes of that.

You are chewing on your fingers more and more and are drooling so much!!! Most of the time you the front of your shirt is soaking wet and we have to change clothes a couple times a day.

You already want to put everything in your mouth and chew on it.


Your hair continues to grow more and more every month. I love putting bows in it or headbands and hats. We'll see how long you continue to tolerate that.

You are content for a little while just laying in your crib while your mobile plays. But only for about 15 minutes then you are over it.


You love the swing if you are tired and will fall asleep. It comforts you because you still love the rocking motion. If you are not sleepy, you are content for about 15 minutes and then are done.


Grandma Kimmy bought you an activity gym, so you love laying underneath it and looking at all the things. Again you are content for about 15 minutes and then you are done.


You are sleeping in your crib full-time now and doing great! You love sleeping on your back now and always sleep with your hands above your head. Usually you have a fist full of hair.


You are starting to move around in your crib and even one time your leg/foot was stuck through the bars.

You have started to sleep through the night on occasion, otherwise you only get up once during the night to be fed and then you quickly go back to sleep until morning.

You still like to cuddle with Mommy or Daddy when you are tired. We love your snuggles.

You still love showers with either Mommy or Daddy. Once you are able to sit up more on your own and/or stop being so cooperative in the shower we will start to give you baths, but you love to have the water run over you.


You are so alert and so many people tell us that when we are out and about and/or they meet you for the first time.

You still hate tummy time and will only do it for about 5 minutes tops before you really start crying and whining. But you continue to do better and better at holding your head up.

You recently rolled over for the first time and Daddy got you on video.
We scared you because we were so excited and loud. Your puppies were excited, too!  Daddy built your Baby Einsten Jumperoo and you have sat in it a couple times. You are working at trying to balance. Your feet don't quite touch the floor yet. Photobucket
You think Mommy and Daddy are so funny. You are ticklish on your sides and have started to giggle at Mommy and Daddy.
You especially love when Mommy blows on your tummy or tries to eat your tummy. You love when Daddy tries to eat your neck. You also love Mommy's silly voices and how goofy she is.
You continue to be such a good baby, super content and still seem to have a "go with the flow" attitude.
You are such a happy baby and smiling at everyone ALL THE TIME!!
You make Mommy and Daddy so happy everyday! Love you punkin. 

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