Friday, September 9, 2011

Hailey's Bedroom

I don't really like calling it a nursery. That just sounds weird to me...Hailey's nursery. It's her bedroom and I just feel like it makes it more real and personal when it is someones bedroom. Here is a slideshow of pictures.

A few notes:

 Wayne picked out the color of her room...Lavender Luck.
Thanks to our friend Adam who helped Wayne paint.

Bumpers: I love them dearly because they were cute and quite frankly came with the bedding set, but when we heard of another fatality due to bumpers we decided to take them out. Better safe than sorry.

The little table under her window holds the sound machine and baby monitor. I will be getting a theme matching lamp to go on this table, as well as a theme matching rug. I love the theme matching drapes.

Rocking chair: The rocker is actually from my paternal grandparents house. After my Grandpa Henry passed away in the summer of 2006, I said I had wanted it. Other than a birdhouse that my Grandpa made from scratch that was the only thing I really wanted. So when my Grandma ended up moving and selling the house I got it. It's brown and doesn't match the rest of the white furniture and I suppose I could get crafty and paint it, but I really don't want to change it. I want to keep it intact the way it's always been.

We don't really use the rocker right now cause our cushy recliner is much more comfortable and let's be honest I can watch TV while feeding or rocking her to sleep. I see us using this soon in the future though for quiet time before bed and reading books.

Special blankets: I want to get a good picture of her on each of her blankets.Maybe we will do that on her 5 month birthday. She has a few blankets that people have made for her and were gifts. We have not used them yet, but I know as she gets older she will be using them a lot.

Hospital signature mat: This is what everyone signed when they came and visited her in the hospital. Everyone wrote such sweet words to her on this. I just love it. As she gets older I plan to replace the 8x10 in the center.

Diaper changing corner: I'm not a huge fan of this corner and someday I want to find something better, but for right now it works. The storage container on the left holds the diaper warmer, diapers, wipes and everything necessary for changing a diaper. The storage container on the right holds her everyday sleepers, bibs and extra items. On top is where her diaper bags and baby carrier are kept on a daily basis.

Tall dresser: It is sadly my catch all spot. Right now it holds her stuffed animals, books, keepsakes and in the green basket her socks, headbands and hair bows. Sometime soon we want to set up a toy corner in our basement and maybe some of these items will end up downstairs, but until then this is the way it is.

Hailey's Globes: Hailey's Grandma Kimmy gifted to her a bin full of Disney globes. There are a couple Cinderella ones displayed right now, but I would love to clear out more space and display a few more. Thanks Grandma Kimmy!

Closet: As she gets older and needs her "newborn" items less and less, then I will be able to pack those up for the next baby and she will then have more room to transition into bigger clothes and more toys.

God knows there will be plenty of toys.

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