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Introducing Hailey Jo {Part 1: Labor & Delivery}

Friday, 6/24/2011

Hailey Jo's birth story actually started the Friday night before she was born. It was a normal Friday night with Wayne at one of his appearances. I was hanging out on the couch in front of the TV catching up on some shows. I started to feel tightness in my lungs and a shortness of breath. It would come and go. It didn't feel like anything I had felt before. I remember thinking that I didn't feel right, but chalked it up as to more Braxton Hicks. I went to bed to lie down at about 10:00 pm, fell asleep at about 11:00 pm and woke up at about 1:00 am with more intense tightening, the feeling like I needed to puke and still the shortness of breath. I then got up and went out in the living room, turned on the TV and sat in our recliner thinking maybe I could sleep sitting up. No such luck. I just couldn't get comfortable.

Wayne got home at about 2:00 am and as soon as he walked in the door, he knew something was not right. He asked me right away if I was OK and what was going on. I filled him in and he was so sweet he wanted to try and time them aka the "feelings" I was having. After 2 hours we figured they were about 20 minutes apart. We ended up watching TV until 4:00 am. At that point I was REALLY tired and knew that we both needed to go to bed and get some rest as we each needed to be function-able the next morning. So we went back to bed and I basically slept sitting up.

Saturday, 6/25/2011

We woke up at about 8:30 am and each got ready and left to go to our respective places...Wayne to to a bridal shower. I got home later that afternoon and took a short nap. I was then picked up at 5:00 pm to go to dinner and a play with my co-workers and boss. The play started at 7:30 pm and during the first two hours she was just so active inside my belly. It was unreal. I remember thinking that she had NEVER been that active ever and even told my friend/co-worker Krista that she was moving a lot. I started to get that same feeling from the night before...chest tightening, shortness of breath and the MAJOR urge to puke.

At about 9:30 pm I ended up leaving the auditorium because I got the watery feeling in my mouth like I do when I need to puke. I headed to the bathroom and didn't puke, but hung out in there for awhile. Oh so fun. After that initial feeling had passed I didn't want to go back into the auditorium because I didn't want to leave again and cause a scene. So I ended up sitting in the lobby by myself, breathing and drinking water that the nice concession people brought me. Krista came out to check on me as they were all concerned. She said just say the word and we could leave or go to the hospital or whatever. They are all so sweet to offer that, but I was doing OK. The play ended at about 10:15 pm, we left at about 10:30 pm, I got home at about 11:00 pm and assured all my co-workers and my boss that I was fine, just tired from not sleeping the night before and I was just going to go to bed and Wayne would be home in a couple hours. I put my pajamas on, grabbed my puke bucket, headed to the recliner with my blanket and slept on and off until midnight.

Sunday, 6/26/2011

Abruptly at 12:00 am I woke up and spent the next hour puking my guts out. I spent the majority of the next hour on the bathroom floor, huddled around the toilet bowl with my 38 week pregnant belly. After I felt like I couldn't puke ANYTHING else up, I headed back to the chair and shortly afterwards Wayne walked in the door. He was pretty upset at me for not calling him, but I knew he was on his way home and he really couldn't have done anything for me. Plus, I was a little pre-occupied and busy with my head in the toilet.

At that point my contractions started getting a little more intense and I could definitely feel them. And although they didn't hurt and weren't painful, they didn't feel like the Braxton Hicks ones anymore. I was still not feeling well and started getting the chills. I know my body and knew something wasn't right.

At about 1:45 am we decided to call the Dr. to run everything by her. The first thing she asked me was how far apart my contractions were. I was honest with her. I didn't know exactly, but I knew that they were coming regularly and also knew that I didn't feel right. She told me to start timing them and if they were the appropriate amount of time apart then I should call her back and we would make a plan to go to the hospital.

I tried laying down to get comfortable and to see if I could sleep. I was getting the chills and again couldn't get comfortable anywhere. About 15 minutes later (at about 2:00 am), after trying, I decided that we were heading to the hospital no matter what. It was time to go. I sat on the bed feeling uncomfortable as Wayne walked around the house to gather everything that was on my "hospital list." By that time I was getting more and more irritable and uncomfortable.

We arrived at the hospital at 2:30 am and were escorted into a labor & delivery room. The nurse asked me what was happening and I gave her a rundown of my evening. She said according to the "symptoms" I described it sounded like the real thing and then checked me. I was dilated to a 3 & about 80% effaced. That was progress from the Dr the Tuesday before, but then also informed me that since my water hadn't broken, if I didn't make progress within the hour that they would discharge me. After the nurse left I told Wayne we weren't leaving. I didn't feel right and joked that if I had to hang out in the parking lot, I was not going home.

Wayne then called each of our Mom's to let them know we were at the hospital, but I hadn't been "officially" admitted yet and he would call back in an hour and let them know if we were staying or going.

At 3:15 am, the nurse came back in and gave me an IV of anti-nausea medicine (Zofran) because of all the vomiting I had done and the continued nauseous feeling I was having. She said that even if I was discharged that this would still help me afterwards.

At 3:30 am she checked me again and even though I was still 80% effaced, I had dilated to a 4, so they officially decided to admit me.  

It was so surreal that it was all finally happening and 11 days early for that matter.

Wayne then called each of our Mother's back to give them the update that we were staying and it was for real and they both decided to come to the hospital. Here is a quick run-down of labor up until Hailey was actually born.

3:50 am - I was put on the regular IV fluids.

4:15 am - Put in epidural and gave me the full starter dose. Felt all warm and numb. Bed-ridden.

4:30 am - Both Mom's arrive at the hospital; epidural drip started for upkeep; catheter inserted.

4:35 am - Still dilated to a 4, but 90% effaced.

5:45 am - Still dilated to a 4, still 90% effaced; One of the Drs on site broke my water; I was getting sleepy, so I tried to rest and get some sleep. That's easier said then done.

7:30 am - Temperature taken, still dilated to a 4, still 90% effaced.

8:20 am - Dilated to a 5, still 90% effaced. Couldn't sleep/rest anymore. Contractions starting to get a little more painful and closer together. I informed the nurse that it felt like the epidural was waring off. I realized a that point that is why I could no longer sleep/rest/relax and also why I was feeling more pain.

8:50 am - Epidural wore off and drip not maintaining pain, so anesthesiologist inserted 2nd full dose. The 1st full dose lasted for about 4.5 hours. Pain subsided and I was able to relax a bit.

10:05 am - Dilated between a 7-8 & still 90% effaced. Epidural wore off again after only an hour. Drip not maintaining pain at all. They can only give the full dose every 2 hours, so we had to wait about an hour to try again. Contractions continuing to get more intense and closer together. Starting to feel the pain again.

10:40 am - Dilated to a 9 & finally 100% effaced. Contractions really starting to pick up. 2 - 3 minutes apart. Epidural completely wore off again. Really starting to feel the pain again. Had to wait for a bit longer to try epidural again.

Not fun.

11:00 am - I received the 3rd dose of the full epidural. It didn't work or take effect at all. Contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart, but getting more painful each passing minute.

11:40 am - Still dilated to a 9 & 100% effaced.

12:15 pm - Still dilated to a 9 & 100% effaced; Contractions still 2-3 minutes apart; At that point they were checking me often.

12:20 pm - Our Dr finally arrives; Still dilated to a 9 & 100% effaced; External baby heartbeat and contraction monitor taken off; internal baby heartbeat and internal contraction monitor inserted for a more accurate reading; Baby's heartbeat was dropping and not coming back up or fast enough for that matter to what they like to see in between contractions; Dr wanted to make sure my contractions were also strong enough to get me to a 10. I would later find out I have a "lazy uterus."

Great, whatever that means.

12:50 pm - Oxy-tocin (Pitocin) given through IV in hopes that would push me to a 10.

1:15 pm - Finally dilated to a 10; Started pushing with contractions;

1:45 pm - After pushing for only 30 minutes, wearing the oxygen mask for the baby's heart rate and flipping from my right side, to left side and back to right side, Dr said I could continue pushing for no more than an hour, but she REALLY didn't think the baby would be coming out vaginally and recommended a c-section; At that point I wasn't going to argue with her and agreed to the c-section.

I just wanted my baby out healthy.

1:50 pm - I signed the c-section consent form.

In the next 23 minutes or so I was prepped and wheeled to the operating room. On the way there I passed by my parents in the hallway. They were concerned because when my Mom had last seen me, I was progressing normally and on the right track to deliver vaginally. She didn't know what was going on until that point. Also, by that time the rest of my family and Wayne's family had arrived. I waved to her as I passed by.

Since my epidural had failed miserably, they gave me a spinal instead. It was difficult to sit up and sit still as they removed my epidural to give me the spinal, all the while still contracting, in pain and feeling the urge of wanting to push badly. I made it through that and went completely numb from the boobs down. I was shaking because I was so cold, so they covered me in warm blankets. I was so tired and out of it that it happened so fast and before I knew it the curtain went up, she was out and the Dr. was saying the classic phrase "it's a girl."

At 2:13 pm - Hailey Jo entered our world at 6lbs, 9oz and 19 ¾ inches long.


She was finally here and I knew I would never be the same again.

Part 2: Recovery to follow soon.


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ajunso said...

leah this is the SAME exact story of us and Cole with out the puking! 52 hours of it! just wait until #2 you will be doing cartwheels the day after it seems so easy!

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