Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life Lately {May 2011}

Monday, 04/25/2011

Just had to post this picture of my now 20 year old brother. I know it's from April, but I couldn't resist.


His birthday is April 25th, but we didn't celebrate until the 28th, which also happens to be my parents wedding anniversary. Happy 22 years of marriage Mom & Dad.


Monday, 5/2/2011

Baby Dr. Appointment. We now start going every 2 weeks.
(You can read any Dr updates in the weekly baby updates)

Wednesday, 05/11/2011

We started week 1 of 6 weeks of baby class at our hospital. I will be posting a separate blog post about this soon.

Thursday, 05/12/2011

The Woodbury city wide garage sales were today and I scored big-time! I took the day off and spent the day with my Dad and a few other family members. I will be posting a separate blog post about this day, all the great deals I got as well as a few other great deals from thrift stores and craigslist.

Monday, 5/16/2011

Baby Dr. Appointment. We are now going every 2 weeks.
(You can read any Dr updates in the weekly baby updates)

Wednesday, 05/18/2011

Week 2 of 6 of baby class - blog post to follow.

Saturday, 05/21/2011

MOVING DAY and let me tell you the day did not start out well. I promptly got up early to finish the remaining little packing that needed to be accomplished and was ready to go pick up the moving truck with my Dad at 9am, when one of my pups got into RAT POISON and had to be rushed to the vet to get his stomach pumped and be kept for a few hours for observation. He stayed there the whole time while we were loading up the truck and cars and while the guys left for the new house with the moving truck I went to pick him up at the Vet. Here he is in the car with me after his Vet visit, on our way to the new house:


Look at that face. : ( They said he vomited quite a bit, so that is good and then they prescribed him Vitamin K pills for 10 days to regulate his blood clotting. Wayne took him back into the vet after that, they drew blood and they said it was not clotting in the range they like to see, which could be normal for him, but one never knows, so they wanted to do another 10 day round of the Vitamin K pills and see him back again after that for another blood test. He went back in this morning and we will get the results tomorrow. One positive thing the tech said this morning was that it was a good sign that he was still alive. Well, thank you for that positivity. I was hoping my dog wouldn't just fall over dead. Please pray for my little pup to continue to get better!

Wayne got out of moving because he had to work and by the end of the day I told him I was NEVER moving without him being there again. It wasn't just the stressful morning with Tony and the Vet visit, but also just moving in general. It rained off and on for most of the day; I couldn't do a whole lot to help being 33.5 weeks pregnant; it was so muggy and I was so swollen it was ridiculous and uncomforable! I just thank the heavens for my wonderful family and in-laws that moved us and my wonderful parents, who pretty much put our house together. You will see some of the new house pictures in the months coming up as we continue to get organized and ready for baby.

Tuesday, 05/24/2011

My long time friend Wendy was in town for a long weekend and so I met up for dinner with her and her Husband, Pat. It was great catching up. They had just bought a new house, moved and were still getting settled. I didn't tell her this, but I totally thought they were going to tell me she was pregnant. I was anticipating it. She's not...yet. They did tell me that they are probably going to start trying this fall, which is super exciting!

Wednesday, 05/25/2011

Week 3 of 6 of baby class - blog post to follow.

Saturday, 05/28/2011

I headed to Clara City with my Mom and sisters for a couple family graduation parties.


This is us at Jorun's grad party. She is the foreign exchange student staying with my Aunt & Uncle.


This is cousin Anya hanging out at Brittney's party. Her Uncle Nate tied balloons onto the back of her outfit, which she thought was hilarious!


She ate her food, while we ate Taco's in a bag...SO GOOD!


We hung out for the day and ended with a bonfire:


Even though I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, it was a fun day with family and others that I hadn't seen in awhile.

Sunday, 05/29/2011

It was the actual graduation ceremony day:

This is cousin Brittney and her parents...Jeff & Cari:


This is me and the graduate:


Monday, 05/30/2011

Memorial Day. I had come home from Clara City the night before, because I really wanted a day to just relax and get some stuff done before going back to work on Tuesday. It was a great, low-key day spent at home with the Hubby.

Tuesday, 5/31/2011

Baby Dr. Appointment. After this appointment we start going every week.
(You can read any Dr updates in the weekly baby updates)

That is May in a nutshell. Can't believe it went so fast and now it's the middle of June. Stay tuned for June updates and the above mentioned follow-up blogs.

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