Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday {05.03.2011}


Go link up with CMae for Tail Wagging Tuesday. This week's topic is all about "the look."

Here they all are giving me the "what were you doing down there look" as I am coming up the stairs.


This is Moo Moo's "I love you so much and I'm waiting for you to pet me please" look.


This is Tony's "You just took me to the groomer and I'm not amused" look.


This is Puckett's "See, I'm not doing anything naughty, Mommy, just sitting here waiting for squirrels" look.


This is Bella's "will you please pick me up" look.


This is a super adorable picture of the boys (Puckett & Tony) "Can I please have a treat" look.


These are just a few pics of my furbabies. Aren't they cute?

Kit said...

They are so cute! I am partial to spaniels though! I have 2 ESS!

Gabriella said...

So cute! :)

Rebecca said...

Look at precious ears! I love all these sweet "looks"! Cute pictures :)


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