Friday, April 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

I saw this on a couple different blogs I follow and decided to do it, too. I'm sure after this baby is born several of these will definitely change as priorities change, but for right now it is what it is.

Favorite time of day: When I get home from work, put on my pajamas and can relax in bed. I'm not a fan of the couch right now because I can't spread out and put my feet up comfortably. Our bed is just so much more comfortable and with more room for the pups.

Favorite season: Hands down summer for the warm weather and being able to be out and about. Being able to wear less clothing and flip flops.


Favorite month: December for Christmas and because I always seem to have some time off of work and get to spend time with family.


Favorite holiday: Christmas. I'm excited to have our own tree again this year and have a house to decorate!


Favorite subject in school: It was always english and social studies.

Favorite color: I don't really have just one, but I tend to favor pink.

Favorite song: "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis is our first dance song. It's a classic that will stay with me forever. Both me and my Husband love all Elvis. It's always fun too, when they play it at other weddings and every time that happens Wayne takes me out on the dance floor. Such a great reminder of where we have come from.


Favorite movie: I love a lot of movies and different genres. A few of my favorites are: Shawshank Redemption, Sweet Home Alabama, The Last Song, Life as We Know It, The Hangover, Stepbrothers, The Notebook. Just to name a few. I could go on and on.

Favorite celebrity: Right now it would be:

Male: Mark Whalberg: I've always loved him in everything he has been in and now that he is behind the scenes more I also like the shows he is creating and producing as well. He is such a great family man also and just seems very respectable and not to mention HOTT.


Female: Mila Kunis: I've always loved her from her first days on That 70's Show and I LOVE that she is branching out into more movies and bigger roles. I also like that her and MaCaulay Culkin split. I was not a fan of them together and think she is too good for him. So excited to see where her career leads.


Favorite kind of music: I really love everything except for country. It just depends on what mood I'm in at the time.

Favorite channel: CW Twin Cities right now. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries and Nikita are all on that channel.

Favorite TV show: Since I watch way too much tv I have a lot of must watch shows. See above as well as Brothers & Sisters, Bachelor/ette, Bachelor Pad, Parenthood, One Born Every Minute, Real World & Challenges, Jersey Shore.

Favorite thing to do: curl up in bed with our pups and watch tv/movies.

Favorite place in the world: my's just so darn comfy

Favorite hobby: blogging, scrapbooking, reading, watching tv and movies

Favorite kind of animal: dog...hence the reason why I have 4

Favorite place to live: I lived in LaCrosse, WI for just under a year, but other than that I have only lived in Minnesota, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I'm a true mid-western girl. It is where we both are from and all our family lives here as well, so that is tough to beat.

Favorite place to vacation: Florida is the only place I have been where it is warm and I can get a tan, so until I go anywhere else, it will be that.

Favorite restaurant: Big Bowl


Favorite food: Pizza. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be that.

Favorite dessert: Chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream


Favorite snack: Chips, I know they are bad for me, but I love to munch on them. I try and at least pace myself.

Favorite thing to cook: Not much of a cooker/baker, but I'm hoping that will change in the next few months when we move into our new home. A couple things I do like to make are BBQ Chicken Quesidilla's, spaghetti or brownies.

Favorite drink: water or lemonade (bonus if it's strawberry or raspberry)

Favorite chore: vacuuming

Favorite makeup: Bare Escentuals....if you haven't tried it you must!

Favorite hair products: Not a huge hair product user as I have very fine hair and it tends to make it greasy and heavy, but I like the Aussie Shampoos:

I use Chi Iron Guard when I straighten my hair:


and Got2B Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion (I couldn't find a very good picture of it).

Favorite lotion: I like the smell of Bath & Body Works Sweat Pea.
Favorite perfume: Juicy Couture


Favorite blogger: There is no way I could choose just one!

Favorite thing to blog about: Anything and everything as you can see!

Favorite books: "Girly" books and I tend to like "teen" books as well. Anything by Nicholas Sparks, Emily Giffin or Jennifer Weiner. I also love the Hunger Games series and Twilight series.

Favorite thing to wear: Other than being able to stay in PJ's all day, it would be flip flops in the summer.

Favorite kind of day: One where I can sleep in, stay in my PJ's all day, watch a movie or several or tv shows while cuddling on the couch (preferably my bed) with my pups, eat something really good for dinner, a long, hot shower, then bed!

Favorite memory: My wedding day

Favorite Sports Team: Twins & Vikings

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Stupid reality TV like Jersey Shore


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