Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! {03.09.2011}


I'm Loving that I got my hair trimmed last night (finally) after over 2 months. Feels so much better.

I'm Loving the adorable baby gifts that we have received for Hailey in the past week since finding out we are having a girl.

Her first baby doll from Green Grandma.


 Twins onesies and a pink puppy from our friends John and Jess.


A Twins dress and the same pink puppy from my awesome co-worker Nancy B.


A bunch of cute things from my most fabulous boss Nancy M.


Hailey's first pair of shoes, along with a summer outfit, a super cute hat and a pink onesie that says "Hot Babe." 

I'm also Loving that everything is pink!

I'm Loving Rihanna's new song S&M and the video.

I'm Loving all the Easter candy that is out in stores. To me it is a sign of SPRING! I especially love these:

I'm Loving that the last two Sunday afternoons have been day dates at the movie theater with Wayne. 

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kebowman said...

little girls have the sweetest clothes! its so hard to find clothes for Brady... they just don't give you that great of a selection for toddler boys! :(

ashleigh said...

I love baby girl clothes!! And I have to try those reeses easter candy! I love reeses!!

Campbell Crew said...

Easter is the hardest holiday for me because I LOVE easter candy! It is the best! I love your girly stuff. Makes me wish (just a little bit) we were finding out what we were having!

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