Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random updates for March {2011}

  • I went to a Bare Escentuals Girlfriend Party at the MOA a couple weeks ago with Beth. I had been wanting to find out what all the hype was about, so it was a perfect way to see. There were five of us girls and it was so fun. We got to try all the products (even the skincare products, etc.) and the instructor showed us the correct technique on how to apply all the products as well. I ended up buying the Customized Get Started Kit. It may seem a little pricey, but it lasts for a very long time and let me tell you it works wonders for me and my face. I've always had the problem of "my make-up looks great in the morning, but by noon it's gone and I have to keep reapplying if I want to look half-way decent, which I don't usually have that option." Well, with these products you don't have to do that and it's great! The nice thing is if you are not sure about any products or have questions, you can go into the store at anytime and try them and see what looks best for your skin type. They matched the foundation to my skin type, so I know it's the right one and makes me look my best. Love it!
  • We signed up for Netflix again a few weeks ago. Our local Blockbuster closed and so in the little town of Buffalo there is nothing else. We had it a few years ago, but got rid of it (don't remember why). But we decided to sign up again and so far with all the "instant" options there are, we love it. I am almost done with season 1 of Brothers & Sisters (I started watching the series later on and wanted to see it from the beginning). It's so convenient and we can stream it through Wayne's PS3.
  • It was my last day working at the local gym on Saturday. It is my part-time gig, but with being about 6 months pregnant and us moving in May, it was just time to get my Saturdays back and be done. It's such a relief knowing I don't have to go back there and can have my weekends to myself. Well, until Hailey arrives at least. Haha.
  • Yes, you read that right, Wayne and I are moving. We have been looking for a place to rent for a few weeks now and diligently searching craigslist and networking with everyone we know. After weeks of looking online and touring a few places, we finally found a perfect little house that is just right for us given that we have a baby on the way and four pups to include. We are so blessed and EXCITED beyond belief that we are taking this next step for our family. There are so many reasons why this move needs to happen and there are so many great things about the house we found. I'm sure I will be blogging about this transition for months to come!
  • With us moving we are also going to be transferring clinics/hospitals/doctors as well. It will just be too far to continue at our current clinic once we move and so I rather start now then wait until we actually move. It will be a project within the next month as my next appointment is 4/8 for the glucose screening test and then I will begin going in every 2 weeks. Obviously I have a few nerves of changing everything, but I'm also excited for this as well.
  • We finally got a date locked down for one of my baby showers. So that is super exciting. I can't believe it's all starting to come together. It's not until the beginning of June, but it will be so nice to be able to take all the stuff we get back to our own home and put it away. We will also be able to start on the nursery once we move and I can really start "nesting." I have been putting it off thus far for obvious reasons and it's been killing me, but now I really have something to look forward to! 
  • Today we have officially hit the 99 days left mark. We are now in the double-digits! AAhh!!
Wow! So much going on in the next couple months. Please keep us in your prayers as we make these life transitions!


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