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So a few weeks ago, and really throughout this whole blog I often talk about different girlfriends of mine. I just wanted to share a little bit of my history with each one. I'll start with the girls from my wedding. They are my best friends.



This is us at my wedding in 2006. She was my MOH.

This is us at Kayla's wedding this past summer (2010).

We have known each other literally our whole lives. Our 4 parents grew up together in the same small town, my Dad and her Mom graduated the same year we were born (1983) and our Mom's were pregnant at the same time and faced the wrath of small town teenage pregnancy together.

We are about a month and a half apart and even have baby pictures together. Our 2 families ended up living and growing up within a mile from each other in Eden Prairie, so we went to school together. I know no matter what life brings me she has my back. She is more like a sister to me than a friend really.

This was me and her daughter Briana, who was 3 at the time of my wedding and my flower girl.


This was her and I last summer on rehearsal night of Kayla's wedding. She's now 8.


Imagine our surprise to find out that we are both pregnant at the same time! She is 2 weeks behind me and as this is her second, she's been a great source of information for me to bounce different things off of her and ask questions. I'm so excited to have our kids be so close in age and look forward to the many birthday parties and gatherings to come.



This is Wendy and I at our friend Adam's wedding last fall. We have been best friends since 3rd grade when my family moved to Eden Prairie just a few blocks away from Wendy's family. We rode the same bus all through school and she had a pool in her back know where our summers were spent. Wink wink! We fortunately dated in the same circle of boys in high school which afforded us to do a lot of fun things together!

Even though a few years ago, she moved to Kansas with her high-school sweetheart, we have managed to stay the best of friends keeping each other in the loop of our lifes happenings and since she has family still here in Minnesota, we try and get together each time she comes home (which isn't often enough I might add).



This is me and Anne last summer (2010) at Target Field. We grew to be best friends in High School putting together fondue parties, making chocolate chip pancakes, as well as many other crazy fun times and inside jokes. After high school she moved away to college (Iowa) and then moved FARTHER away to grad school (Alabama), but we have managed to stay friends through the distance and now as we both prepare to become first time mothers to our daughters (yes, she is also having a girl) our friendship has grown even more. She has also been such a great source of information as she is 4 weeks ahead of me and keeps me in the loop as to what I can expect pregnancy wise. I look forward to our daughters playing with each other and becoming life-long friends! 



This is Laura and I just this past January at her baby shower. I met Laura when Wayne and I started dating because she was married to one of Wayne's friends. We became close and even though they are not married anymore we have continued our friendship. We talk often and meet for dinners to catch up. She just had her third baby boy, Benjamin in February and as it was her third, I have gone to her with many a pregnancy questions and I'm sure there will be a lot more baby rearing questions for this Veteran Mama in the future. She is getting married again in September and I am honored to stand up with her as she marries her sweetie Scott.  



This is one of my favorite pictures of Nicole and I. This was at my wedding in 2006. She is my closest girl cousin and I was so happy she could be a part of my wedding. We obviously have known each other our whole lives and have wWAY too many memories to share. One thing we do love is Edward and the Twilight series.

Jenny a/k/a Lemonhead

This is us the morning of Jenny's wedding in September 2010. We have a ton of pictures together, but this is one of my favorites. We were friends in high school, but lost touch after that as she graduated a year behind me. In early 2007, a few months after my birthday, we found each other on myspace. Haha. Ever since then it has been like we never skipped a beat. She is my #1 concert buddy and we have so much in common its ridiculous!



This is Beth and I at a Twins game last April. Even though Beth is actually my second cousin, I call her my cousin and she is more like a friend than anything. We both have a love for the Twins and NKOTB!


That's a little bit about my favorite ladies.


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