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Lil D's 1st Trimester {Weeks 4 & 5}

Thursday, 10/28/2010
(4 weeks)
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010 (4 wks, 3 days)

October was the first month that Wayne and I actually started “trying” again after my surgery. I was 3 days late (due for my monthly friend on October 28th) and so I had told myself that if I made it through the busy Halloween weekend without getting “it”, I would take a test on Sunday. Well, Sunday rolled around with still no sign of “it,” so I caved and took a pregnancy test that morning. It was positive.


The line is so faint and once again Wayne didn’t believe it at first sight, but I reminded him that a line is a line no matter how dark or light it was. We weren’t as stunned as the first time around and I have to be honest we were both scared and nervous more than anything else. The box came with two tests and I told him that I wanted to wait until Thursday (officially 1 week late) to take the second one. He agreed.

I also read that since I was only a few days late that the line might be lighter than if to say I was a full week late or more. Plus, it wasn’t my first pee of the morning, so that might have had something to do with it. But nevertheless a line is a line.

We laid in bed that morning and talked about our game plan. We weren’t going to tell ANYONE. It was going to be our little secret. I wasn’t going to rush to the Dr as I did the first time. Mostly because it would just be the same routine as last time (which I already knew) and I would just pee in a cup again and the Dr would tell me, “You’re pregnant.” She would then send me on my way and I would see her again between weeks 8-10 for a first ultrasound. I told Wayne that I wasn’t going to do anything until week 8 and then I would call the Dr and try and get in at week 9. That was that.


Baby's now the size of a poppyseed!
Thursday, 11/4/2010
(5 weeks)

Since the book that I was reading had recommended that you should take the test in the morning (4 hours since your last pee) I got up and took it right away. It was yet again positive.


I was still apprehensive at that point. I am still not having many symptoms or the ones that I feel are the most important, but Wayne and I talked about it and came to the conclusion that if a miscarriage was going to happen again and this is what God had planned for us, then there was nothing we could do. We just had to take God’s plan day by day. I happened to see this cartoon posted somewhere. I can’t remember if I saw it in an email or on a website somewhere. It is so true and portrays EXACTLY what I’m feeling right now.


I have been experiencing lots of indigestion, mostly in the evenings before bed. It’s like I feel full all the time. It’s super uncomfortable and I hope will not last long.

I have also been super tired lately. Going to bed as early as 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm.

The only person (other than Wayne, obviously) that really knows anything is up is my Mom. She knows me too well and is my best friend. She is the one that I have been going to with question after question. She is my savior. We are still not telling anyone else at this point and have a fun idea for Xmas for my MIL. I will be 12 weeks at Christmas. She’s going to freak!


Baby's now the size of an appleseed!

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