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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dad's Birthday {2010}

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It was my Dad's actual birthday on December 1st, but since it was a Wednesday, and the weeks get so busy, we got together to celebrate that next Saturday. Wayne had to work until 2pm, so we met up at my parents house after a few errands. We have our usual places that we go out to eat at, since some of us are picky, but we decided to go to Champps for dinner for something different. It was fabulous! I didn't get any pictures of anything, not even him opening of the gifts. (That's so not like me to not get at least one picture.) But this is what we got him.

A Vikings hitch post for his truck,

and a Vikings beer coozie.


Do you see a theme here? He LOVES Vikings!! We also got him a bunch of candy, because he has a sweet tooth! He opened gifts, we went to dinner and then went back to the house to hang out. It was a wonderful night hanging out with lots of laughs.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


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