Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Exotic Erotic {2010}

Friday, October 29, 2010

Every year KDWB puts on a Halloween party called the EXOTIC EROTIC BALL. There is always at least one guest artist that makes an appearance and performs. Wayne and I had never been before, but I really wanted to go this year because THE FAR EAST MOVEMENT was performing. See a blog post about them here. Also HWood was performing as well. Here is his popular song called "Could It Be You."

Overall it was a fun night. I rarely stay out super late anymore, so I was definitely tired the next day.

Top Left: Obviously Wayne was Hulk. This is him before the mustache.
He also wore this costume the next night at Babe's in Lakeville. I was a cop. 
Top Right: My friend Mandy came out with her brothers and all their significant others.
She was Mother Nature.


Bottom Left: Wayne with Mandy's brothers who were Gary Spivey and a hunter.
Bottom Right: Wayne found another Hulk there that night.

Top Row: Wayne & Lucas


Bottom Row: Wayne found another fellow wrestler, John Cena.

Hope your Halloween was a good one.


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