Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas in November {2010}

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Every year, on my Dad's side of the family we actually celebrate Christmas in November. We have done this for many years. Whenever someone hears "Christmas in November", they are like what? Well, my Grandma Sharon Stager (Dad's Mom) goes down to Harlingen, TX for the winter and likes to be gone before the snow actually hits and the cold gets unbearable. We usually try and celebrate the first weekend in November and she usually takes off that following Monday. We do a name exchange...a separate one for the kids and then an adult one. We used to do "naughty" gifts, but after a couple of years after that, it gets old. So now we spend about $20 each and we email out family lists so that at least everyone gets a little something that they actually want or can use, whether it's a book or a movie or just a giftcard to somewhere. We all arrive mid-morning, bring something(s) to share, eat lunch, open presents mid-afternoon, eat dinner and then play games and snack. I've been wanting to share more pictures, but I know that sometimes it can be burdensome, so I've started creating collages to consolidate.

This is all the "kids" opening their presents. My cousin, Sam, is cut off of the right side of the picture, but they are all pretty much there. Not too many kids left. Most of us cousins are all grown and are adults. Soon enough though there will be a second wave of youngsters with all of us having significant others, living together, getting married and procreating.  


Every year we try and do individual family pictures as well as different groupings. Here is all the cousins, with the newest addition of Anya. Anya was born 12-20-2009, so she is coming up on her 1st birthday! She is Aron's little girl and we all just love her. The only one missing in this photo is my brother, Ross. He was working for most of the day. ;(


Speaking of loving little miss are a few pictures of her opening her gift and a few with us.

She received her first Barbie was the Little Mermaid.


Love those cheeks!

Top Left: Anya & Wayne
Top Right: Ross & Anya


Bottom Left: Me & Anya (Taken Sunday, 11/7/2010)
Bottom Right: Amie (my sister) & Me

Later in the early evening, Wayne was caught helping Brittney with her homework. Too funny.


At about 8:15pm, a few of us started a game of train dominoes. We completed the whole game (from 12-0) and played until 12:15AM...yes, we played for 4 hours.


Sunday, November 7, 2010
Some of usually try to make a weekend out of it. I went to church with Amie in the morning and the Vikings played at noon. We all ate lunch and had some snacks while watching the Vikings game. Viking football is major in our family. My cousin's girlfriend, Kayla and I ended up taking a cat nap on the couch. Overall it was a great weekend with the Vikings squeaking out a win.

Of course I have to end my posts with the love of my life.


Happy Holidays!!


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