Monday, October 4, 2010

Rachel's Bridal Shower

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today was a busy day starting in the morning with a bridal shower for Rachel. 

Evan & Rachel are getting married October 16th and Evan is Wayne's cousin. They were both pictured in my State Fair post.

I didn't take many pictures at the shower, but here are a few for sharing. We started out with a light lunch, played a game and then Rachel opened her gifts while we all chatted.


This is a picture of part of the group of friends and family members that were there:


From left to right is Rachel's Mom, Evan's Step-Mom, Dianne (Wayne's Aunt), and Veronika (Dianne's daughter & Rachel's soon to be sister-in-law).


Here is a picture of Green Grandma, Aly (Dianne's other daughter & Veronika's little sister) and me:


Rachel told us all the story of how Evan proposed to her and how frustrated she was. Not frustrated with Evan himself, but his timing of the proposal. They were on their way out of Grand Forks headed to the Cities for Christmas while a blizzard was coming. She was trying to hurry them along to beat the blizzard, while he was taking his sweet time. LOL. I told her she wasn't alone as I was in the same position when Wayne proposed to me in the middle of a Thursday night waking me up from a deep slumber (I had work the next morning). Even though we both were frustrated, we both said YES!
Stay tuned for the wedding post sometime after October 16th! Thanks.


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