Friday, June 18, 2010

Vnus Closure Procedure

Friday, June 11, 2010

I took the day off of work and we ran some errands in the morning and had lunch before Green Gramma was due at the Buffalo Clinic at 3:00 p.m. for her 3:45 Vnus Closure Procedure.

She needed to be there about 1/2 hour beforehand and was expected to stay about a 1/2 hour afterwards. At least that's what they had us prepared for. It is an outpatient procedure, so there is no overnight at all. Basically you get the procedure done on a Friday, recover over the weekend, go back in on Monday to see the Dr and most people are good to go. After the surgery you walk right out of the clinic on your own. You have to keep the leg wrapped and walk frequently in order to prevent blood clots, but otherwise it is a relatively pain free procedure. Gramma was set to get her left leg done first with her right leg to be scheduled at a later date.  We arrived at 3:00 and were directed back to the procedure room. After touching base with the Dr, she changed into her gown and they gave her some Vicodon. At about 3:15 the Dr went in and he was out at 3:45. She changed back into her clothes, we touched base with the Dr again and we were back in the car at 4:00. Although she was nervous, the Dr assured us that everything went better than expected.

A few hours later at home, she could already tell the difference. Before her leg hurt to touch it, let alone move it, walk up/down stairs, or even get up out of a chair. When she took a shower it hurt for the water to beat on it. That's how painful it was. Her legs were huge from them being so swollen.

They have linked this condition to a few things, having a lot of children, being overweight, or being on your feet for most of your life. Gramma had 4 children and had worked most of her life as a waitress, always on her feet, going, going, going. It's different than varicose veins and stripping. Not the same thing. Please read Vnus Closure Procedure - FAQ's for more information or click the link above.

Monday, she went back in for an ultrasound on her leg and the Dr said everything was right on track as it should be. Now, a week after the procedure there is absolutely no pain and the swelling has started to go down. This is not a cosmetic procedure at all. It is to take the pain away and although the swelling will continue to go down, her leg will never look the same as it did before. She doesn't care though, she is pain-free in that leg. She has her right leg scheduled for July 23rd! Yay! The Dr was right, she would be RUNNING in there to get her other leg done. Now she just has to cope with the pain in the other leg for another month. Stay tuned for an update after her right leg is done. Prayers please!


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