Tuesday, June 1, 2010

See Rehearsal Day

Friday, May 14, 2010

I started the day off at 9:00 a.m. meeting Kayla at her house in Shakopee. We then headed down to Jordan to her MIL's house to put together the boutineers and corsages. We then headed to the nail salon back in Shakopee at noon for much needed relaxation getting our toes and nails done. A lot of the day was spent with Kayla on the phone with different people ironing out various details of the evening and the next day.

[Kayla on the phone getting her pedi]


After a couple hours there we headed to do other errands which included the bank and a Taco Bell run. We picked up Mike (the Groom) and headed to Eden Prairie and had to make stops at Kayla's Parent's house, Claire's at the EP Mall and the EP Bachmans. We then headed back down to Shakopee to pick up Briana from school. Her and I hung out in the backseat.

[Briana being silly with the rehearsal bouquet]


We then headed back down to Jordan for the rehearsal and dinner, but stopped at the reception site to set up a few things first with Kayla's parents. That's when the FOB, Brian, tapped the kegs for the wedding night and so we enjoyed a wedding night adult beverage...pre-rehearsal.

[Kayla & Leah partaking in adult beverages]


After completing all our tasks at the reception site we then headed to Jordan Park to start the rehearsal and have dinner.



After dinner the bridesmaids (and Wayne - LOL) made our bouquets that we would carry down the aisle.

[Wayne helping me with mine]


After that task was complete we left Jordan and went back to Kayla's parent's house. We stayed up for a bit, but eventually gave way to sleep and had a slumber party. I needed all the rest I could for what would be a CRAZY and long wedding day.


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