Monday, June 14, 2010

3 games of Twins, Twins, Twins

First Game: Wednesday, 05/26/2010

This day was exciting cause we enjoyed one and a half games of Twins baseball. The Tuesday night game was rained out and they got through inning 5, but no one had scored, so they finished the game on Wednesday. We played the Yankees so that was even more exciting. Wayne and I got there a little early to walk around. It was a beautiful day.

[Us in front of the Kirby Puckett statue]



Second Game: Friday, 05/28/2010

We played the Texas Rangers and won!


Third Game: Sunday, 5/30/2010

We played the Texas Rangers again and were planning to meet up with my friend, Anne and her husband, Brian at about 6:00 p.m. for the game as they were in town from Milwaukee, WI and it would be their first time to Target Field. That morning Wayne told me that we were leaving early to go on the field for batting practice. We had done this several times in the Metrodome, but this was our first for Target Field. We entered the stadium early and it was completely empty except for food vendors of course. We met up with Wayne's friend, Dustin, who works for the Twins and headed out onto the field. While down there we talked with Mauer, Span and Morneau. We were able to get a picture with Justin himself.


We were down on the field for the whole batting practice. They opened the doors to the stadium and it soon became flooded with kids asking the players for balls. The players soon started retreating to the locker room.

After our fun on the field we headed to meet up with my cousin, Nate, and a few of his friends. They were in town for the weekend.


After chatting with Nate, we finally met up with Anne & Brian and headed to our seats. It was sprinkling at the beginning of the game and afterwards, there was a rainbow. Then the sun started setting and I captured this picture:


Although we won the game, it ended with Span and Orlando colliding for a ball. Always scary. Overall the day was busy, but fulfilling as I got to enjoy practice, catch up with Nate and spend some quality time with Anne. It's also nice when the Husband's can participate in our great conversations.


Thanks everyone for a great day and week at Target Field!


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