Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rest of April {2010}

After getting back from Florida on the 22nd, I went to see Hylander with my Dad at Dibbos on Friday the 23rd:

[Louie and the Boys]

[Set list]

[MMMmmm...Pizza and beer]

Saturday, April 24th I went to another bridal shower for my best friend Kayla. This was for Mike's side of the family.

[Mike, Briana and Kayla]

Sunday, April 25th was my brother's 19th birthday. We didn't do anything to celebrate because he is a workaholic and doesn't have time. Even though he is 19 now I wish we could still get together like we used to. I miss him.

This was for his 18th birthday. My Mom made him a Rice Krispie Treats cake.

Wenesday, April 28th was my parents 21st wedding anniversary. I am 27 now, you do the math. :)


That's the rest of April for ya. Now onto May. I'm catching up!!


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