Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's Up Wednesday [Six Twenty Eight Seventeen)

What we are eating this week...

We have been doing a lot of grilling this month since we moved into the new house and got a new grill. We call the grill Black Betty. She's a beauty. It's been a hot month and grilling is just so much more convenient. Burgers, brats, hot dogs, steaks, potatoes, corn...pretty much everything.

What I'm reminiscing about...

Hailey being a 1st grader...

Our Minnesota trip...

Hailey turning 6 and her party last Saturday...

What I'm loving...

Our pool...

What we've been up to...

Swimming...lots of swimming...

Wayne and I also binged The Ranch on Netflix. If you haven't watched it, you NEED to!!! We finished Season 3 in two nights (10  - 30 minute episodes) and it gets funnier with each season!! Plus, it has Sam Elliott. Duh.

What I'm dreading...

Nothing really. The rest of the year is going to be a busy one. I am changing jobs and things are also changing at Wayne's work, so there's just a lot of changes and busy-ness on the horizon. All very good things for our little family.

What I'm working on...

Wrapping things up at work this week. Everything on the job front happened very fast, so it's been a little bit of a whirlwind.

Getting my pictures organized from my phone to Dropbox and from Dropbox to my external hard drive.

Continuing to get the house put together. Still. We moved Memorial Day weekend. We were there for less than 2 weeks, gone to Minnesota for 10 days and now we've been back for about a week. So there's still some things that need to get put away, areas organized and items purchased.

What I'm excited about...

My new job, if you can't tell. I've been kinda bored the last couple months and feeling very unfulfilled, so this will be a good change and I will be back in FAMILY LAW!!

What I'm watching/reading...

Not reading much other than blogs. I already said we binged The Ranch. We also need to catch up on The Walking Dead. We are so behind. I haven't been watching too much TV lately. Can you believe I haven't seen 1 episode of this season's Bachelorette? I know. It's unheard of.

What I'm listening to...

A little bit of everything and definitely Chris Young and The Swon Brothers. They are gonna be in town on Friday at Red Rock Casino! Woohoo!

What I'm wearing...

Capris and tanks to work. Shorts and tanks on the weekends. It's been crazy hot here, so the less clothing the better. And my swimsuit whenever I can. Again. Lots of swimming and fun in the sun!

What I'm doing this weekend...

This weekend is 4th of July!! I was supposed to have a 4 day weekend (Saturday - Tuesday), but my new job wants me ASAP, so I am working Monday to get all the introductory stuff out of the way.

Friday night, Chris Young and The Swon Brothers are at Red Rock Casino, which will be so fun!!

I'm also hoping to get a brown cupboard painted in our house this weekend. All the other trim in the house is white, except for a brown cupboard upstairs in our hallway. I hate it.

We will be grilling and swimming for sure.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
  • Starting my new job on the 3rd.
  • 4th of July and fireworks.
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are here on the 13th.
  • Griffin turns 2 on the 14th.

That face melts me.

What else is new...

We purchased a season ticket package for NHL this year! It's Vegas' first year having any professional sports team, so we are every excited! Also, the Minnesota Wild come to Vegas next year on March 16th!!

That's about it friends!! Have a great holiday week!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Letters

Dear Vacation,

While I loved every minute of you (minus the humidity), I am happy to be home. There is something wonderful about being home and getting back to the norm of life. Mostly I missed my bed.


Dear Starbucks,

I am sorry I broke up with you. I just need a break. It's me, not you.


Dear Fatty Foods,

Why do you have to taste so good? I love you and hate you all at the same time.


Dear Griffin,

You were so good on the plane ride. I really have no complaints. Next time though you will have your own seat.


Dear Hailey,

You will be 6 on Monday. 6! You will have to use both hands now when someone asks you how old you are. Wahhh!


Dear Husband,

You are my everything and a rockstar!


Dear Weekend,

Please don't go by too fast. I desperately need you to stick around a little while longer. You will be busy, but fun.


Dear Sleep,

I miss you. Griffin is still not sleeping through the night. Hopefully one day? One can still hope, right?


Dear Job,

I am sorry I broke up with you. It's me, not you. I promise.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites [Five Twelve Seventeen]

Loving my new Apple watch band. I found it on Amazon HERE. They have other colors, so I might get more in the future. #cuteaccesory

This has become a regular occurrence in our house. He doesn't actually go potty or anything, but he likes sitting on there. So that's what we do. We sit. And wait. One of these days he will go and I rather have him sit and do nothing than be scared of it and want nothing to do with it. So this is a win in my book. #pottytalk
We're going to Claim Jumper for their Mother's Day brunch buffet. I'm so excited!! #brunchislife
We're going to Helldorado Days tonight for a bit. Wayne has to host something, so we're gonna make it a family night! #helldoradodays
We have lots of fun stuff to look forward to coming up:
1. 14 days until we move
2. 26 days until Hailey is a 1st grader
3. 27 days until we take our summer trip to Minnesota
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What's Up Wednesday [Four Five Seventeen]

1. What we're eating this week...

So far we've had McDonalds and I made spaghetti with Garlic Bread!! The rest of this week I am not sure as Wayne's brother and family friend is going to be here. So it might be a lot of eating out, etc.

2. What I'm reminiscing about...

We are missing the pool we used to have at our old house. We had such fun times. We are looking to move come Jun-ish and hopefully we can find a home or at least a community with a pool. Fingers crossed.

3. What I'm loving...

That Griffin is getting more communicative and sleeping a bit better now that he's been in a big boy bed for a few months. Doesn't he look so big and old?

This Hubby of mine and all that he does for our family. And our smart little girl that is crushing all her Kindergarten goals as far as sight words, numbers, shapes, reading, writing and so much more.

4. What we've been up to...

Guitar Pull was last Thursday night. SO. MUCH. FUN. I'm hoping to do a separate post about that soon.

We've been to eat at Claim Jumper a few times this month. Their food is so good and we have plans to go there for Easter brunch.

Hailey and I saw Beauty and the Beast which was the BEST EVER and then we went and saw the premier of Boss Baby. Although Boss Baby was really good, NOTHING can compete with my fave movie. Wayne got me this for an early birthday present for my desk.

Wayne's little brother, Andy, and family friend Josh, are here visiting.

5. What I'm dreading...

We are most likely going to be moving again come June-ish. We are not a fan of the neighborhood we are in or the location of the house in the neighborhood. There is a lot of street traffic where we are, i.e. kids trying to jump our fence so they don't have to walk all the way around. Also, we had downsized to a smaller house from where we were at and are missing a little bit of the room we had. So our plan is to start looking for something a little bit bigger.

6. What I'm working on...

Re-vamping this blog. I love blogging and miss it terribly, so I'm trying to get it cleaned up a bit and updated. Hopefully, I can carve out more time for blogging too now that Griffin is older.

7. What I'm excited about...

Our trip to Minnesota in June. My sister, Kate, and Wayne's cousin, Aly, are both graduating this year. So we are making the trip mid-June to attend their Grad Parties. Woohoo!

Hopefully a bigger house. Hopefully with a (community) pool. We'll see.

8. What I'm watching/reading...

I'm so behind on all my shows, as usual. I've been trying to get caught up on all the Chicago series...Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and now Chicago Justice. All my other shows are on the back burner.

9. What I'm listening to...

Pretty much everything. I like to listen to pop/top 40 music in the mornings and then switch it to 95.5 The Bull in the afternoons when my Hubby comes on.

10. What I'm wearing...

Lots of jeans. The new firm I am at allows us to dress casual, so I have been wearing lots of jeans these last couple months. Also throwing in leggings and capris now that it has started to get warmer here in Vegas.

11. What I'm doing this weekend...

Well, Sunday is my birthday, so I might be going out on Saturday night and then hopefully breakfast somewhere on Sunday morning. Other than that, pretty low-key

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...

May is one month closer to us moving to (hopefully) a nicer place and one month closer to our Minnesota trip to see family and friends!!

13. What else is new...

Um... we bought a new vehicle!!! Yup, we traded in our Ford Edge for a Ford F150. Wayne has wanted one since December, when he drove my Dad's in Minnesota and he's been obsessed with getting a truck ever since then. Here she is.

Also, I love this quote:

 Have a good week!